5 Snazzy Father’s Day Gifts for Your Stylish & Fashion-Conscious Dad


Father’s Day is just around the corner, and if you still haven’t zeroed in on a perfect gift for your old man, we are here to help you figure it out. Every dad deserves a surprise on this special day, and it should not just be a boring tie or pen. They play the most active and responsible role in our lives and are often our role models. True, isn’t it?

If your dad is fashion conscious, and often makes a statement whether he is at home or out on a stroll,then this guide will help you get the best gift for your dapper superhero!


Rings are subtle, and if tastefully worn they can add a charismatic appeal to the overall look. They send a message, and for years men have worn them to signal wealth, status, association and more.One can seldom go wrong with moderngold rings.You can browse gold ring styles from CaratLane.com and choose one that will align with your dad’s personality.

Albert Gold Band, set in 18Kt Yellow Gold, Certified by SGL

Step up the game with a tux!

The era of unique confluence merging the traditional with the new is evident in today’s time. A tuxedo is another style statement for your fashion-conscious dad. A subject of archaic codes of sartorial custommarshalled with custom components that make a curious mark, a tuxedo is the best gift to bestow your superherowith! Choose a tuxedo that makes him stand out, yet has a pinch of subtlety. For instance, black is an evergreen color, and it is about time to suit up your dad!

Add Cufflinks for a Style Statementcufflinks

Cufflinks are traditionally associated with the tuxedo ensemble.These little pieces of jewellery can fill a dynamic range of wardrobe roles, but tuxedos bring the best out of them. An alternative to buttons, cufflinks will accent your dad’s suit and tie getup. If you have a Ferrari-tier budget, make sure you add a pair of diamond-gold cufflinks to his wardrobe this Father’s Day.

Bert Gold and Silver Cufflinks, set in Diamonds, 14Kt Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver, Certified by SGL

A Grooming Kit

Let’s face it; a grooming kit is as essential for a man as for a woman. Groomed men look sharp and reflect their dapper side more exclusively. If your dad works a corporate job, the chances are thathe regularly grooms himself. Besides that, today skincare is not just for women, and more men are becoming conscious about how they present themselves in public. So, if your dad is among those, he will be more than happy to get a grooming kit on this special occasion of Father’s Day. Top it up with a cologne to suit his vibe, and he will unquestionably make a statement.


Sunglasses protect the eyes from damaging UV rays, reduce eyestrain in super bright conditions and several other hazards.They make a fashion statement and are indeed a chic accessory. There are several types of sunglasses, and each curated to a face shape. Before you place an order, make sure the sunglassessuit the shape of you father’s face. You might as well take proportion intoaccount, and check whether the frames are proportional to the face. The color of shades should also be considered and check what color will compliment your father’s features. Sunglasses make a great fashion avowal and are a must-have for fashion conscious people.

You may be the apple of his eye, but these gifts will indeed put a sparkle in them.Compliment your fashion-conscious dad and add a new dimension of style to his wardrobe by bestowing him with these gifts!


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