A cool nail art for summer: Aquarium nails


Whether you like mermaids or not, Aquarium nails sound just the right thing for summer.

BNI-aqua-nailsWhy not give it a try?

Come summer and we all love anything to do with water. No surprise Aquarium nail art is catching people’s attention and going viral on the web.

The Aquarium nail art has nothing to do with fish but involves clear nail polish, transparent/translucent nails with lots of embellishments.

Essentially, Aquarium nails are made when a double-paned acrylic is injected with baby oil and lots of glitter, crystals etc.

The end result is subtle yet glamorous manicure that reminds of sea, shells and mermaids.

BNI-aqua-nail-artAlso known s Aqua nails or Aqua tips, Aquarium nails are formed with tiny little capsules that can be filled with liquid unlike regular, flat two-dimensional fake nails.

The liquid used to  fill nails is usually water or baby oil filled with a syringe where nail artists later float glitter, crystals and other embellishments to make it look pretty and attractive.

With their Aqua nails are surely head turners.  You can experiment with range of embellishements and designs to get a customized look. Sure, it takes skill, patience and practice to masterthe Aquarium nail art but when you get compliments, it’s worth the time and energy.

Get the Aquatic look today and enjoy a cool summer style!


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