A Journey through the English Vintage Theme for The Neu Salon, Gurugram


A Beautifully Planned and Crafted Salon By Eminent Salon Designer Ms. Deepa Devarajan

The Salon is Quintessentially English in its Gentle Antique Style

Glance now through its Iconic Interiors and the plan Deepa shared with BNI.

“Due to the space constraints the total area is only 500 sq.ft,so it was decided that the sustainability in terms of the use of concept are extremely Important.Colour Scheme Is Very Rustic with washed green paint and Antique Gold Mirror frames.Walls are not walls but distinctly treated planes that demarcate the expanse.We kept the walls in grey cemented look and adorned the facial room walls in vintage floral Wallpapers.g2

The good part of the space was its Height so creating a mezzanine Floor give way to designing a beautiful classic staircase like in old English cottages plus we managed to squeeze in another 200 sq.ft area where in all the Luxury facial rooms were made.

We used Looking Mirrors to create depth and an illusion of space also the storage cabinets were treated like a piece of art.

Deepa further claims “Designing is not a process in which one tries to make a fashion statement,each part of the design should serve to improve its ability to perform its Principal purpose,only when this happens can a place be called a thing of beauty.

NEU salon Being the Luxury Brand we had one more challenge to face ,that how to achieve luxury in spite of space constraint and not only we were catering to the Niche Client of that market but also making a Kerastase Room which is a premium Brand and has a clientele of its own.

All these challenges were easily combated and become a creative adventure for the Immensly Talented Interior Designer Ms. Deepa Devarajanunnamed (2)

Ms.Divya Kohli,Tangy Rose helped her in carefully selecting the furniture which helped us in recreating the vintage Look.

A far cry from the usual run of the mill salon.
DeepaDevarajan is a creative interior designer who loves accepting challenges even if the salon area is average and has many more such challenges that she is working upon, stay connected to this space to experience further of her ingenious schemes.

Brain behind “PURPLE DREAMS” DeepaDevarajan an award winning interior designer has provided designing solutions to residential and commercial projects with over eight years of experience. She is described as sophisticated, down to earth and easy to work with among clients and design professionals alike. Her design philosophy stresses a close link between the disciplines of architecture and interior decoration. The end result are rich environments defined by sophisticated color palettes, refined materials and detailing that tailor these interiors to suit her clients’ desires. She has the expertise to create a wide variety of interior environments from traditional to contemporary.g5

Deepa strives to develop interior spaces with an underlying classicism that survives the passage of design trends. She is committed to coordinating the design efforts with an organized and well managed project that consistently exceed clients’ expectations and come in on budget.

Designer- Deepa Devarajan

Tel: 9911583212


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