ACADEMY COLLECTION by Ace Stylist Vipul Chudasama



Hair styles and colours are always an important statement, and Vipul Chudasama, a trusted hair choreographer and educator brings a great duality of cuts and colours in his new academy collection.

His Academy Collection includes both women’s haircutting and styling as well as men’s barbering, depicting a creative union of cut and color. Mr. Vipul’s new collection showcases the Romance between an artist and hair.  The craft that leaves the muse in utmost happiness.

Before deciding upon any style or cut, emphasis is given on the shape of the head, fashion and technique. Face shape, texture of hair and density are assessed so that the final look accentuate the individual’s personality in the best possible way. Major importance is also given to the natural movement of the hair, to make hair look effortlessly beautiful.

This collection has texture as its beauty. This texture along with some pop up colours combine to form trendy, wearable styles that make a statement. Mr. Vipul says that when we usually talk about pop up hair colors, they are interpreted as funky or crazy, which is not always considered beautiful, and he wanted to bring a better balance through his collection which carries fun with elegance.

VC Collection 6

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He has picked colours with combination, from the L’oreal Professionnel range to create beautiful, with a hint of fun and modern. He wisely chose pop up colour for futuristic and fabulous looks and Mocha for women to achieve elegance with some fun!

Special attention is given to personalized cutting techniques like twist cutting, for texture and effortless outcomes.

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