An Evening with Extraordinary Gentlemen – British Barbers


Why should one attend the event and who’s who are attending and who should attend.

“An evening with extraordinary gentlemen” is extremely valuable for someone who wants to expand their hairdressing career to the next level. Most importantly it’s an all-star group of educators gathering to help one to uplift their skills and personal creativity.

This evening will also open horizons and give exclusive access to some of the best members of the hair and beauty industry and brightest business minds. This will allow one to get a preview of the existing talent and determine great networking opportunities.

With the hair industry evolving by the day, education is the key to keeping up with the latest hair trends & techniques. Using this grand platform and utilizing the knowledge & opportunity and the educational component, one gets to learn from leading Professionals from the British Barbers Association.


To recognize the accomplishments of hairdressers who exhibit customer centricity, technical vision and business acumen.

Breathtaking night of the stars and spectacular performance featuring Chris Foster & Erik Lander from British Barbers Associations showcasing their most creative perfection.


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