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Kookkal Grape Scrub

Kookkal Grape Scrub

Kookkal Grape Scrub

Gravitale  is the signature brand of Kookkal Life Sciences, a natural skin care and well-being products company. Gravitale presents its signature product, Kookkal Grape Scrub for both the face and body. Made of finest grapes, this natural face & body scrub formula combines the best of nature and science.

Gravitale,  Kookkal’s first product line is based on a special varietal of grapes grown at the company’s own high altitude vineyards in the Nilgiris Mountains of South India. These grapes are grown specifically for skincare applications through a range of special high altitude viticulture and cultivation practices. The well- known skin care benefits of grapes comes from its phenolic molecules. Kookkal Topical Grade grapes contains 5 times more phenolic content than commercial grade grapes.

Kookkal Topical Grade™ grapes have been exclusively used in this face scrub and the focus is on nourishing the skin while cleansing it. The naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids and anti-oxidant polyphenols in these special grapes help deep clean, arrest aging, gently exfoliate, and moisturize the skin. Other carefully chosen natural and herbal ingredients work synergistic-ally to nourish and preserve youthful looking skin.

Kookkal Grape Scrub has been tested for its efficacy from Scientific Research Centre, India. Tests have proved that Kookal Grape Scrub:

  • Increases the collagen synthesis by 42 %
  • Increases anti oxidant activity in the skin by 77%
  • Retains moisture by 67%.

These qualities help in arresting signs of skin ageing, making it supple and promoting youthful, healthy skin.

Conclusion: Kookal Grape Scrub has excellent anti-ageing properties and ability to maintain the healthy state of the skin.

Try the Kookal Grape Scrub today and allow the grapes to work their natural magic on your skin.

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