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Richfeel’s Blueberry Skin Care Kit

Richfeel’s Blueberry Skin Care Kit

Give your skin an exotic treat with Richfeel’s Blueberry Skin Care Kit.

The delicate skin on your face is constantly exposed to harmful toxins and pollution every day. Due to the harmful exposure, your skin can suffer from dryness, premature aging, clogged pores, skin irritation, and inflammation to name a few. Since avoiding pollution and toxins is inevitable, we have a solution!

Say hello to gorgeous skin with Richfeel’s exclusive triple-action skin care kit. Made from antioxidant-rich blueberries and aloe extracts, Blueberry Skin Radiance leaves your skin feeling ultra-soft and supple.

Antioxidants are the key to fixing the effects of pollutants on your skin. Blueberries smoothen your skin, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, eliminate scars, increase elasticity, fights against blemishes & acne, balances levels of oil in the skin and helps even out your skin tone.

Richfeel’s exclusive skin care kit delivers an array of feel-good products to gently clean your skin while soothing aloe nourishes your face. Your skin is left feeling dewy-soft and lightly scented with the luscious blend of blueberries.


  • Powerful anti-oxidants that protects the skin
  • Removes traces of oil, make-up & impurities
  • Effectively hydrates & softens the skin
  • Prevents fine lines


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