APS COSMETO-FOOD Exfoliating Olive Scrub


 APS®COSMETO-FOOD ™ Exfoliating Olive Scrub

BNI-APS-COSMETO-FOOD-Exfoliating Olive ScrubA perfect recipe to un-hide the beautiful skin hidden within! Believe it that this APS®COSMETO-FOOD ™exfoliating olive scrub in pearl form gently exfoliates your skin with the generosity and roundness of olives that add a gourmet touch to its application. It utilizes the unique combination of MONTANOV™ 202 and PROTEOLTM APL for a complete and soft cleansing experience. Scientifically proven goodness of SEPIMAX™ZEN and SOLAGUMTM AX offers a unique sensation for hygiene formulas and good particle stabilization. Presence of SEPITONIC™M3 energizes and stimulates the skin for a rejuvenated look; along with AQUAXYLTM, hydra concept technology, to prevent loss of skin moisture using a super-sealing hydro-lipid barrier! Get on; it is time to awake the beautiful in you.

Why use Exfoliating Olive Scrub?

« Exfoliates skin Energizes & stimulates the skin for a rejuvenated look.

« Rejuvenates skin cells and speeds up tissue growth.

« Wipes off stagnant tan.

« Unveils a soft silky and touchable skin.


Take a dab of the Scrub and massage for 5-10 minutes all over your face, neck and cleavage. Don’t rub it in too heart and avoid getting the scrub on the area around eyes. Can scrub little harder on forehead, nose and chin. Make sure you get it all off when you wipe off it.

Most Ingredients are ECOCERT Approved

95% Natural Ingredients.

Available on apscosmetofood.com and all leading e-commerce stores.


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