APS COSMETO-FOOD Raspberry- Pink Facial Cleansing Gel


APS COSMETO-FOOD™ Raspberry-Pink Facial Cleansing Gel – a delicious treat for your skin

BNi-raspberry-pink-cleansing-gelAPS COSMETO-FOOD Raspberry-Pink Facial Cleansing Gel  is a skin cleanser with goodness of red Raspberries and honey. A a miraculous combo that takes you by a delightful surprise while cleansing your skin.

Known as nature’s candy, the bright-red raspberry is wonderfully delicious and among the most popular berries. Besides being tasty, these are loaded with health promoting vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Raspberries are a rich source of  vitamin c, salicylic acid, anthocyanins (nutrients which are essential for maintaining a youthful skin and beautiful complexion). Rich in antioxidants and a unique composition of vitamins & minerals make raspberries quite effective and efficient in improving skin health.

Honey on the other hand is one of the best moisturizers for skin. Regular use of pure honey on the skin aids in keeping it soft, supple, blemish free and radiant.

APS COSMETO-FOOD™ Raspberry-Pink Facial Cleansing Gel  is gel based formula that absorbs quickly and treats skin impurities. It is a mineral cocktail, to stimulate the skin and re-acquire new energy while unleashing a veil of silky softness.

From the moment you hold the white colored, red Raspberry printed pump bottle, you know you will be experiencing something unique. The dark-pink raspberry colored face wash gel is the perfect consistency that spreads easily on your palms and on your face without being too runny. Accompanied by bitter-sweet aroma of raspberries the gel quickly lathers up as one begins the cleaning process. It is gentle to the eye and doesn’t sting.

The moment you rinse away the foam you are left with amazingly clean skin that feels fresh and free of dirt & grease. The skin doesn’t feel stretched or dry after use but supple. Suitable for all skin types including dry skin, normal skin, oily skin and sensitive skin. And also for all seasons.

Priced at Rs.540/ for 100 ml APS COSMETO-FOOD Raspberry-Pink Facial Cleansing Gel is available on apscosmetofood.com all leading ecommerce stores.

Fragrance: An fruity acidic aroma that reminds of fresh fruit that doesn’t stay on the skin after being washed. You are left with a fresh and clean feel on the skin.

Packaging: Comes in a stylish, pump bottle that is handy and attractive white packaging that makes it stand out.

87% Awesome
  • Packaging 90 %
  • Fragrance 80 %
  • Quality 90 %
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