Beat ‘Photoageing’ by using the right sun protection


Aryanveda Anti-photo ageing Sunprotective gel and cream to fight Photoageing

BNI-using-anti-phot-ageingPhotoageing is the damage caused to the skin by harsh rays of sun due to repeated exposure. UV rays of the sun can cause darkening, dark spots and uneven skin. The harsh rays suck the life right out of skin and reduce the Collagen levels resulting is dull, sagging skin. Sun spots may appear and ageing process of the skin is hastened which may not be immediately visible but might appear over time. A study shows that 90% of the damage to skin is caused by Photoageing in contrst to 10% caused by natural process of aging.

These are the first signs of damage to the skin caused by sun:

  • Darkening and tanning

It is also true that Sun is not just an enemy.

Sun is the Source of energy for life and provides essential vitamin D which is indispensable for bone growth and calcium absorption. The sun rays stimulate endorphin production which is responsible for feelings like happiness and eupohoria. Avoiding sun permanently is not only difficult to achieve but can also have ill effects on our body.

So how to benefit from the sun without its negative effects?

The answer is a good Sun protective cream with Anti-photo ageing abilities.

Aryanveda Anti Photo Ageing Sunprotective Cream protects you from Photoageing and ill effects of the sun

Aryanveda Sun Protective SPF 40 / SPF 50 Cream / Matte Gel is Formulated for all types of skin. This lightweight cream / Matte Gel helps prevent irritation and redness while protecting skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays, dryness and oxidative pollutants. This sun protection product contains SPF-40 & SPF 50 sunscreen to safeguard skin against tanning and provide reinforced protection to preserve your skin’s youth and beauty. It prevents photo ageing, sun induced dark spots and wrinkles. It fights against Infra ‘ageing’ and enhances skin firmness and elasticity.

BNI-Aryanveda-Anti photo ageing Sunprotective-cream-tubeAryanveda Anti Photo Ageing Sunprotective Cream


Aryanveda SPF 40 Sunscreen is specifically fight UVA/UVB rays responsible for dark skin and sunburns. It absorbs quickly and is extremely water and perspiration resistant. It keeps the skin in perfect shape without allowing oil or sun-burns settling on your skin.

  • Anti Photo Ageing
  • All Day Hydration
  • Antioxidant formula
  • Water and sweat Proof
  • Free Radical Scavenging
  • Fights against oxidative stress
  • Wrinkle and Age-Spot Reducer

Aryanveda Anti Photo Ageing Sunprotective Matte Gel

BNI-Aryanveda-Anti photo ageing Sunprotective matte-gel-tubeBenefits

Unhide your beautiful side! The magical bliss of SPF-50 Matte Gel forms an invisible layer of protection to prevent UVA & UVB Rays from invading your skin and damage the soft skin tissues. The inclusion of antioxidants prevent wrinkles. Photo ageing and lightens the skin with new energy. The gel based formula quickly absorbs and gives a matte finish without leaving sticky or buttery sensation on skin. So be ready to take on the world, it is just round the corner.

  • Bans Tan
  • Bans greasy skin, gives matte finish
  • Water proof
  • Bans ultra-violet sun rays


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