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Hair is the most important feature of our beauty for females it is a kind of crown over the head, the different kind of hair designing can actually create a difference in our look.

Beautiful hair includes care and styling both because care is foundation for styling, if we want to go for an amazing styling ….it is very important to create a base for the same.

Care includes … a good professional shampoo, conditioner and leave on product according to the requirement of hair. We should opt the care products according to the weather ” as we Change our life style …our wardrobes ‘ the same way our shampoos should also be changed ”

Summer season needs the products which are good in Hydration because our hair as it looses moisture in summers and it turns dull and lifeless, Every year after months of sweltering heat we look forward to embrace the rainy season with renewed enthusiasm. we all know how demanding our hair become in rains. They need some extra care. We should be using the products which have more effect of conditioning, like balancing shampoo for scalp and hair or some cooling, menthol based shampoo , on the other hand winters makes our hair dry we should always use smoothening shampoos and conditioners.

After this quality care, any styling is going to look beautiful and attractive, we should always choose styling according to our face shape and features, it should enhance our natural beauty. KALI9056_e

This season trend would be Vintage….  the words “ Vintage” come from the Latin meaning “back” or “backwards” …..  “vintage” is like “antique”, to re-create something similar from past.

We can design an open hair with Vintage look as well as buns or up do, nice waves can be created, which will totally blend with modern dress up and the makeover.  This kind of look reminds us of the golden era but delighted with the latest touch. This styling is universal and can indulge at any age.

Pleasing buns will be adding life to this wedding season, which can embrace the whole look. The style is self explaining the beauty of hair. A women is always confident …when she is self assured for what she is wearing ,this style looks very elegant with the evening gowns, Indo westerns and can be worn for receptions, cocktails, sangeet and evening parties.

Elegant up does elucidate a perfect cocktail look, after the wedding day…bride always wants to look cooler. This look can turn the heads and ensures the bride again to be a shop stopper. The hair color is intensifying the complete look and up do is highlighting the lineation of face.


Ms Malika – Regional Creative Head Hair, Strands Salon

The D- Day Look, in bridal styling, hair styling is very vital…as an Indian bride carries heavy Dupatta over the head for hours so styling products plays an important role in this so that the hair stability should not be bothering the persuasion of our beautiful bride. For bides we should always go for simple and classy up do as she is going to cover her head.

A healthy balanced diet is important for healthy hair. As the hair is made up of  protein so Protein is essential for strengthening the roots of the hair. If you want to keep your hair soft and silky, you should follow a protein and iron rich diet like eggs, fish like salmon and mackerel which contains protein and omega-3 fatty acids . Besides these, whole grains, green vegetables, nuts, and yogurt are good for your hair. Make sure that you drink plenty of water to hydrate your scalp. Dehydrated scalp can weaken your hair.


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