BNI presents some successful Women Entrepreneurs from the Indian beauty industry on this Women’s Day


‘Woman’  – is a word that adjures up a lot on illustrations of selfless love, care and warmth. At the same time, women inflame the spirit of power and hope.  The dictionary meaning of a woman is  adult female human but this definition cannot do justice to the role of woman. International Women’s Day honors  the women who have paved the path close to our advancement and combated to take ‘womanhood’ to a level where it is now. This special day, devoted to women around the world, is a celebration of the great accomplishment of women across all planet of life as well as shaping the future.

As a part of the Celebrations of International Women’s Day, we at BNI has spoken to a few of our Industry Professionals on their views and achievements in the beauty business.

Shahnaz Husain-

CMD- Shahnaz Group of CompaniesShahnaz Husain 7

“I have been a Woman Entrepreneur in the beauty business for over four decades. Today, I feel that much more than I ever dreamed has come true. In fact, today I feel that my work is not merely my career. It is the sole purpose of my existence. One of my main advantages was that I acquired professional training and qualifications from the best beauty institutions of the West. It was my creativity and innovativeness that made me combine the ancient heritage of India with the latest scientific techniques. This helped me to make my brand of beauty care relevant all over the world.”
I have never been one to rest on my laurels. I have always looked at the next mountain to climb and the next frontier to cross. We will be taking Ayurveda and Brand India to more countries and plan to expand our presence across the globe in 2017. I have always believed that India has a great deal to offer the rest of the world. My dream is to see India lead the international market with Ayurvedic beauty care.
International women’s day is the day to take stock of what has been done the whole year, in terms of woman empowerment and to see how we can make the coming year more successful. We will celebrate our success in Skill Development, during 2016, when we trained and certified 40,000 under-privileged women in the beauty and wellness business. We also gave them Tool Kits to help their home-based or freelancing business. We will examine how to take the movement forward in the coming year. “

Quote for International Woman’s Day             

By Shahnaz Husain

“Last year’s International Woman’s Day theme was “Pledge for Parity,” in an effort to narrow down the gender gap. In 2017, the theme also concerns the gender gap, because it has actually widened. So, the theme for this year is “Be Bold For Change.” Despite the achievements of women in various fields, change is needed in order to bridge the gender gap and achieve equality. Bold steps need to be taken. Each and every one of us can contribute towards this. Each one of us can be a leader in her community or group or “sphere of influence.” We can take action at the individual level, or collectively, in different areas, like education, vocational training, skill development, gender bias in the family and at the work place and so on. We need to come together to help women move forward and realize their limitless potential. The woman must also realize her own potential and strength as an equal member of the family and society. The family has to fight for change. Father and mother must value the girl child and give her equal opportunities.

Vaishali K Shah-
Director LTA School Of BeautyVaishali-K-Shah

Truly speaking I feel very blessed to have born in a time when significant transition is taking place in the beauty space. Quick adoption of technology . Great awareness among consumers , ever willing youngsters ready to join this industry   great initiative by government and private players to provide skills and certification like never before its all happening now and here.

When  LTA Beauty Academy was founded 12 years ago the challenge I faced then were no different from those faced by start-up industry namely high cost and low revenue however now that we are in 14 location and 7 cities and 12 years older we face different set of challenges. Having established leadership position my current challenge is to remain ahead of time and provide value to our students . Providing unmatched international quality education right here in India is what LTA would continue to stand for.

Going further my aim is to provide high quality beauty education leading to employment for at least 10,000 women every year an put India’s name on world map by producing champion beauty professional who could win medals and awards for India especially at World skills competition year after year.

This year on Women’s day I intend to take up charity work for women. I would be conducting free training session for under privileged girls as I believe that is the best way to feel blessed being a women by empowering other women around me”

Veena Kumaravel
Director – Naturals and Groom India Pvt. LtdVeenaKumaravel
On women’s day , it gives me lot of satisfaction in the fact that Naturals as a brand has created 100’s of women entrepreneurs in this beauty industry. These women today are financially independent and are successfully running their salon businesses. Our goal is to create 1000 women entrepreneurs and 10000jobs in this industry by 2020…
Best wishes to all women to go ahead and follow your dreams & Passion
“Daring dreams have changed the world”

Marvie Ann Beck
Professional Grooming ExpertMarvieAnnBeck

Quote to all Women- “Ladies give your best do your best and let the outcome manifest. Things won’t happen overnight , be humble enough to fail again & again and rise up again like the Phoenix! Keep love as your core guidance & keep time for everything especially your Heath , family children & then your business will rock !!
I feel like an ambassador for women & all the things we love and believe in. The emotions we go through the joy the pain and how we handle so many things in life & still wear lipstick curl our hair hug or kids & smile.”
I have been a successful Entrepreneur going through various ups and downs but not keeping my profession in an inclined manner, as a Woman I have experienced to fight and work hard to move ahead and create success”.

Shivani Sharma
Director- Lure NailsShivaniSharma

Beauty is synonymous with women since the beginning of civilization
Every woman is beautiful in their own way.
I have been lucky to be a small part of the beauty industry and contribute in enhancing the beauty of women a bit more

As a woman entrepreneur in the wellness sector ,having an expertise in the field of nails hands and feet ,I feel lucky and privileged to have been able to influence many budding women entrepreneurs to open their own nail salons
To be able to teach artists/technicians who are uneducated in the field of nails
It’s humbling to see them earn a respectable livelihood and give their creative side a canvas to showcase their talent
“A woman is a creator she has the power to create anything she puts her mind to & nurture it”

Seema V Jerajani
Educator & Consultant- SVJ AcademySVJ

It has been a great journey of a few decades in the field of Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy.

A very satisfying one. When you bring a smile to the clients face , it brings us happiness too.

Hair and Beauty is an acceptable vocational profession today, giving the youth a choice to diversify in a field, which has the flexibility of working part time or from home or a full time career.

With over 30 years experience in this field, I am now focusing on education, teaching Professional Hairstyling and Make up at my SVJ Academy.

I feel that celebration of women’s day is a great idea. Lot of businesses takes this opportunity to increase business.


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