Botox Hair Spas -The Revolutionary Hair Spas in India with Stem Cells. Quality Professional products for Salons with an economical price.


With the bridal season in full sway, we find salon owners and stylists opting out for new products and services for their customers to have a different experience than the traditional products and services.

But as we are aware, the industry demands more and better products for quality treatments and makeovers. introduces an all-new revolution in traditional hair spas with a non surgical botox option of hair spas for an all new rejuvenation and regenerating the youth of your hair.

The benefits provided to hair are the result of the synergistic action of the set of active ingredients that make up the line and various actions that unite to render optimum treatment and finish results.

Abril Botox

Intense stem cells treatment in the leading products are :

  • Cell Innove
  • Gold Lifting
  • Age Reset

The presence of extensively researched ingredients is present in all the three products to help develop and improve the health and longevity of hair, and as a result, we obtain a regenerated hair fibre, with a young, healthy and shiny appearance.

  • It rejuvenates the hair fibre from inside.
  • Hair fibre recovers the brightness, touch and shine typical of a young hair.

The main action in the Abril Botox treatments is to increase the thickness of the fibre, fill its interior and increase the volume of hair.
It also has a rejuvenation effect for a longer period.

Salons across India have been using and recommending their stylists and technicians to adhere to the all-new treatments of hair spas for better quality results.

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