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Youth chooses an emerging career in Beauty

The young generation has a wide choice of career these days, that does not just help them have a good income but also helps them scale great heights.

Creativity and skill along with passion and determination is the main focus for an exciting career, your growth depends upon your choice and to help you decide whether a career in beauty therapy is a good choice for you or not, we have made a list of some of the positive and negative aspects of pursuing a career in the beauty world.

  • You have the option of working flexible hours, or of working for yourself.
  • There is room for career growth. You can choose to specialize in a particular area, you can go into management, or you can learn new techniques and increase the range of treatments that you offer.
  • You have the opportunity to express your creativity.
  • You have the opportunity to help other people and to increase their self-confidence and overall well-being.
  • You can work almost anywhere in the world.
  • There are many different employment other than self employment opportunities available. Aside from working in a salon, spa, or health resort, you could also work on a cruise ship. Beauty therapists are also employed in the film, fashion, theater and modeling industries, where they prepare actors, dancers and models for on-stage or on-screen appearances, fashion shows, or photo shoots.
  • Right from just a beauty therapist who would work for a salon or own a salon, there are multiple choices for a beauty career in other sectors of business, as the desire to look good and feel good is growing.

BNI-beauty equipmentsThe choice in India for a perfect beauty academy has also grown, there are multiple beauty academies run by popular brands and personalities but what one beauty career aspirant needs to prefer is the quality of coaching and training, the certifications provided, the exhaustive models and modules of training, the teachers and the post training opportunities and benefits.
Pursuing a career in beauty requires a lot of research before admissions, browsing through the internet or visiting the beauty institutions personally will help develop the idea of the course you desire for and the quality of the academy.

While talking to few students at an Education fair recently, one of the students had this to say ‘Earlier we had to plan our career in advance as there were few choices but now there is an ultimate growth in the beauty sector, as the competition is severe compared to other sectors but the opportunities are varied’, one who has the passion for grooming and the skill to understand the creativeness involved with the bright future is now demanding”.

India has various academies in beauty with multiple choices in hair, skin, make up, grooming and spa but a proper research and information is always essential, also a consultation with counselors in education at these academies will help one understand the demand of the latest therapy and the courses attached to it.

Today the entire world is looking at vocational training as a means to increase career opportunities and reduce unemployment. Out of the many occupations available, careers in the beauty industry are slowly being acknowledged as highly lucrative. This awareness comes at a time when people are losing faith in traditional professional careers as a source of regular employment. We also have the government, both state and central, corporate and NGOs creating awareness and offering support through various means. Education is not a must for this career which is another reason for the beauty being viewed as an acceptable viable career option these days.

Students enter this field driven by two reasons; one is to make a career for themselves and the other is out of passion for the art and science of skin and hair. With an option to select the specialty of their choice, students are able to follow their heart and pursue a career according to their interests. Salon owners understand that providing continuous beauty education is the best way to provide good customer service. They are investors in the business and must also keep themselves aware of current trends in the market and customer expectations.

Certificates and diplomas are currently being offered by private sector schools and beauty schools. Some are affiliated with universities and some offer international certifications as well. The main advantage of undergoing a certification course is that vocational training in beauty is now taught like a professional course. Equal attention is paid to theory classes and hands on practice, along with on job training experience which is a must for students in the industry. Such diplomas and certifications make students aware of the standards followed internationally in the industry and also allow for easier placement in branded salons where further skills will be honed on the floor.  An international diploma or certification acts as a gateway for the student to work in international salons.

This industry demands quality standards. There is no short cut to excellent customer service.  Professionalism of the staff in their actions and behavior, staff hygiene and grooming, hygiene standards maintained during services, good consultation and communication skills and sound technical knowledge of products are just a few of the demands the industry places on staff.

This year witnessed for the first time an Indian beautician winning a gold medal in an international beauty contest – the World skills Oceania Competition. This is proof enough that the industry in India is growing at a rapid rate and is able to meet professional standards set by international norms. The industry needs to focus on improvement of quality in skill levels of staff coupled with strict adherence to international standards. We also need educated young graduates to enter the industry to give it the approval it needs in society today.


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