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Amongst our feature on the Beauty Education, this week we have Ms.Monica Sood- Director Orane International Pvt. Ltd.

While the question still prevails, ‘Certified or Skilled Labour? – the preference, we have some excerpts from Ms.Monica Sood

a) How according to you is the interest in ‘Beauty profession’ increasing?

There were days when only who didn’t have anything else to do used to join beauty profession. Now, when the beauty field related careers are on the uprising, more and more students aspire to join beauty professions. Currently, when a well to do beauty professional is earning equivalent to doctors, beauty professions have become more and more seeking. Yes, if we analyse the whole kit and caboodle of the far-sighted interest in the beauty professions we owe it a lot to media. Be it movies or television shows, the make-up and beauty artists are always sought after and hence we can see the interest in these beauty professions accentuating. Moreover, the kind of glamour and celebrity status attached with the beauty profession makes this profession a center of attraction.In this appearance-centric world, beauty professionals are like magicians with a magic brush in their hands. The moment a beauty professional changes the looks of his client he gets to change his own destiny.

b) What are the interests in beauty education by students and salon owners?

Recently ,when beauty education is widespread students are fully aware of the value and benefit of a particular course from a particular institute. Students are fully aware of the international accreditation’s and somehow they prioritize institutes with international accreditation’s as they feel that such institutes would make them learn the best and that too in an international environment. Students look forward to join the best of salons and studios after their qualification and that is why they look forward to join the institutes with avant-grade infrastructure and international level of education. Most of the time the students want to settle abroad so they look forward to joining institutes which make them capable and proficient enough to pursue their career anywhere in the world. Earlier the students weren’t aware of international qualifications like CIBTAC and CIDESCO but now they are and are curious to qualify these courses for sound careers ahead.

As far as interest by salon owners is concerned, they want to upgrade the existing skills of their workers with the latest techniques and methodologies. They are keen to render the most latest and becoming services in their salons hence they look forward in getting their staff trained with the best of education in the field of beauty. They want to stay updated with latest trends and styles and want to use all the latest tactics in serving their clients.

c) What are the different types of certifications available now?
What are their advantages and benefits?

Certificates hold lots of importance in whichever field you are working .
But earning Certificate from an institute which have authentic accreditation increases its value both in National and International market . So , one should be very careful and a thorough homework should be done before joining any institute . Orane Academy

Many Levels and types of Certifications are available in Beauty Field:
There are Government projects like NSDC , SSC , PMKVY etc . For International Qualification many Institutes in India are accredited . Highest among them are CIDESCO and CIBTAC . Many organisations are providing their own certificates also but before opting such institutes their work standard and authenticity must be verified .

d) What should a student check before joining any academy or beauty school?

Before joining any beauty school or academy the students should be intelligent enough to check that the academy is not luring them with fake deals and offers. Secondly, the students ought to be smart enough to check the career prospects of the various courses available with particular academy. Thirdly, they should check whether the particular academy is offering them state-of-the-art infrastructure or not.Fourthly and most importantly they should be open enough to ask the academic counselor to meet the trainers of the particular academy. The future of students is in the hands of the trainers so it is the duty of students to check whether the trainers are worthy or not.Also, they must beforehand check all the associations and tie-ups of the beauty school with other educational bodies throughout the world. If the student is aware about all this, the chances of unworthy education are very few. ONLY THE SELECTION OF A GOOD ACADEMY WILL MAKE A STUDENT STAND- OUT IN A CROWDED MARKET PLACE

e) What is the demand of the industry in terms of skilled or certified labour?

No doubt, skilled labour is effective enough for getting any kind of beauty job done but in present scenario it is the certified labour which people seek. Skilled labour is effective only with certain cases wheres certified labour is one which is based on facts so it has to be effective universally. Moreover, when we say certified labour it means a labour certified under some protocols and standards so its effectiveness is assured. As the vocational education set up is spreading, the very demand of skilled labour is decreasing and the demand of certified labour is increasing. The present day client is intelligent enough so he does not wants that anyone should put him to experimentation so they certainly prefer certified labour over skilled labour. Moreover, when certified labour is skilled enough then industry would certainly choose certified labour over so called skilled labour.

f) Any message for the industry on education in beauty.

As we all are involved in educating the students in the vast field of beauty we really look forward that industry should have more and more jobs available for the qualified students. The worldwide Beauty industry has evolved, so more and more students are interested to join beauty courses with umpteen career values. There should be a common platform of jobs available for qualified students from all over the world and come what may students from every where should have an approach to these jobs. Beauty profession is a skilled trade so the beauty professionals should get rewarding advantages for their various jobs.

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