Cocktail treat for your digits at Nailspa Experience


Cocktail Manicure & Pedicure

BNI-summer-cocktailsCocktails, considered as heady concoctions that set the mood, have now evolved into an invigorating fusion which pampers the skin, giving that all essential healthy glow. This cocktail range makes you feel the youthful suppleness in your skin.Highly effective natural ingredients are used to provide rich and pleasant feeling to the skin. The Epsom salt in the fizz ball takes off toxins from the immune system. It makes the skin even-textured and the cuticles soft. It  moisturizes, hydrates  and takes off a tan.

The advent of this beautiful experience starts with a cocktails fizz ball , prepared using unique essential oils , cleansing minerals, exotic fragrances and Epsom salt . The fizz ball dissolves immediately in water and produces fostering minerals and aromatic oils that will absorb, humidify and improve the skin.  Then a dead sea salt sherbet scrub, enriched with jojoba oil and Vitamin E, is used.  It softens the calluses, cleanses as well as moistens the skin. It makes your skin even-textured with a long-lasting aroma.

An even layer of hand & foot mask is used which is removed with an especially made hand & foot wash, that hydrates the skin & removes dead skin.  This is preceded by a massage  with the cocktail butters for additional moisturizing and relaxation.

While thinking about cocktails taste cannot be avoided. The flavours trending this season are Mojito, Strawberry Margarita, Pinacolada.

Why you must try the Cocktail Manicure & Pedicure at Nailspa Experience

BNI-Manicure-at-nailspa-experienceRelax in the beautiful and serene environs of Nailspa Experience and let yourself be pampered by the highly trained and efficient staff.

The moment you step in, you know your time will be spent well. The interior is contemporary and classy and hygiene is well maintained.

Cocktail Manicure & Pedicure by Anita’s Aromatics: This one-time use cocktail manicure/pedicure kit comes in three favors- Mojito, Strawberry Margarita, Pinacolada and is known for its natural ingredients that moisturizes, hydrates  and  takes off tan.

The Cocktail manicure/pedicure at Nailspa Experince is an absolute delight and treat for your digits as the heady aroma of Strawberry Margarita(or any other flavor) engulfs you while you stretch on the very comfortable and state of art chair with roller back massage.

It feels great to soak your feet and hands in warm water flavored by sweet-smelling Strawberry while the courteous staff ensure your do not get out of your comfort zone while they work skillfully at your hands & feet.


One time use Cocktail manicure kit by Anita’s Aromatics

The Cocktail manicure & pedicure involves four major steps starting with washing, scrubbing, massage and moisturization. The treatment is punctured with sessions of buffing & filing nails and taking care of the cuticles. The entire process takes a good 1 & 1/2 to 2 hours while you can watch tv or relax to soothing music enjoying your favorite cuppa.

You wouldn’t want the treatment to end and the results will leave you more than satisfied. Finally when you look at your painted, polished and shapely digits, you know it was worth your time and money.

Cocktail manicure at Nailspa Experience costs Rs 650 and

Cocktail pedicure at Nailspa Experience costs Rs 750

Available at all Nailspa Experience outlets in Mumbai.






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