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Headstart International is pleased to announce the brand launch of colorpHlex™, the newest addition to their Professional Hair Care Division. 

colorpHlex™, a bond builder, penetrates, protects and strengthens hair during the color and bleach process with ColorStrong™Complex, a naturally derived vegetable protein molecule that helps reduce damage and breakage.

colorpHlex’s color strengthening technology bonds to the hair and polymerizes inside the hair, correcting damage during the colouring and bleaching process as it occurs. This preserves the structural integrity of the hair, sustaining or increasing the strength of the hair and improving its appearance. As a result of the newfound resilience and integrity of the hair, the color wears better and lasts longer.

colorpHlex™ produces results in color-treated hair that rivals the strength and resiliency of virgin hair. And even though the ColorStrong™ molecule is amazingly strong and effective, it’s still derived from a natural vegetable protein combined with a polymer and not totally indestructible,” explained Kevin Wachs, colorpHlex™ CEO. “So it’s important to protect the hair with our Home Care Kit to maintain the beautiful results and vibrant color achieved in the salon.”

To combat color loss and damage, colorpHlex™  has launched its Home Care Kit as a way for hairdressers to provide their clients with products that help maintain salon results at home. The kit consists of a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment & detangler, all of which contain the ColorStrong™ Complex.

The process is extremely simple and does not require changing of any formulas or bumping up of the developer or extra processing time. The results are amazing allowing clients to change their hair color every week without damaging the hair. Besides mixing with color and bleach, the service can also be done with other chemical treatments as well as a stand-alone treatment to repair already damaged hair.

Headstart International will launch the brand at Professional Beauty Show, Mumbai. Please visit booth at 434 & 436 to get free samples to test before you order!

colorpHlex™  Intro Kit: INR.4,975(16 services)

colorpHlex™  Professional Kit: INR.8,975 (32 – 35 services)

colorpHlex™  Salon Kit: INR.27,975 (132- 135 services)

colorpHlex™  Home Care Kit: INR.2,475

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