Dear Mother, For the friend, the support, the mom you are… I Love You!


It is rightly said, “God could not be everywhere, and therefore He made mothers.”

Mother’s Day is a celebration of bond of love and affection between a mother and a child and it celebrates the spirit of motherhood.

Bringing up a child through giving birth, and helping him or her growing up into an adult is treated to be the heart of motherhood. It is a challenge in itself, as she has to go through countless difficulties in the process. Mother’s Day is an occasion where the child and society remembers and accepts the essence and the effort that goes into giving birth and rearing a new life. This is a special day for children as well as the mothers and they get an opportunity to relish the eternal bond of love and affection between them.

The Symbols Associated With the Occasion

Our due gratitude and respect for our mothers and mother figures in life are symbolized by many ways. Anna Jarvis, who is regarded as one of the founders of Mother’s Day, called for white carnations to mark the day.

The Celebration

Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world through various occasions and presenting gifts to mothers and mother figures. It’s more about cards, flowers, jewelleries, beauty vouchers and visiting restaurants or gifting vacations.

It is very essential for the progress and preservation of human society that we give due respects to our mothers through fulfilling our duties towards them in reality and not build a facade out of it. Mothers give birth and rear their kids out of pure love and affection and they deserve the same from their kids as they grow older and responsible human beings. Showering cards, flowers, chocolates, and other gifts are surely enjoyed by women, who are mothers or mother figures as regarded by many, but they would be even happier to be loved, cared and respected for their selfless efforts as well.

If we look deep into the concept of Mother’s Day, we will realise like many others that each and every day ought to be a Mother’s Day. They are relentlessly performing their duty towards ensuring and working towards the well being of their children day-in and day-out, without fail, and without break. So the children need to be more sensitive and grateful for this fact and thank them every moment of our lives, for the sacrifice that they have been performing for us.

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