DENVER Hamilton Deodorant range

DENVER HAMILTON-Prestige & Caliber

DENVER HAMILTON-Prestige & Caliber

Latest offering for men from the house of Denver. Denver Hamilton Deodorant in Prestige and Caliber variants

DENVER is one of the leading brands in Personal Care products for Men and recently announced new variants of its HAMILTON Deodorant Series for the successful man to build their confidence with the real scent of success. They are Prestige and Calibre with a powerful fragrance and a long lasting formula.

Denver Hamilton Caliber epitomizes with a powerful fragrance which has notes of fresh grape fruit with a woody base of patchouli, cedar and spicy.

Denver Hamilton Prestige consists of fresh notes at the top with an aromatic spicy notes and the richness of amber and sandal at the base.

Fresh, dignified and rich are the three words to reckon with while using Denver Hamilton. The Fragrance feel strong when worn and slowly subdue to engulf you in fresh and spicy notes throughout the day.

This is an ideal pick for people who want an oriental fragrance. It delivers a vibrant freshness and stays for a long time. It is ideal for daily use, suitable for wearing in office and meetings and also casually.

The Deodorants have strong notes but do not suffocate you and the fragrance certainly stands out. The attractive packaging and inexpensive pricing will certainly help it disappear from the counters quickly.

Fragrance: A strong oriental fragrance which is spicy, rich and sharp. The strength gradually subdues without leaving its effect.

Packaging: Warm tones of brown, gold and black on the Deodorant can indicate earthy essence of the Deodorants. The exclusive gold and brown tones makes it stand out from the crowd and the pricing is quite competitive.

 Price: Rs 199/-


70% Awesome
  • Packaging 70 %
  • Fragrance 70 %
  • Quality 70 %
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 98 %

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