DENVER Superman Deodorant

Denver Superman Deodorants

Denver Superman Deodorants

Wear the scent of Superman

DENVER Superman Deodorant as the name suggests is an exclusive limited edition Deodorant presented by the Indian Personal Care company, Vanesa Group.

Vanesa group has partnered with Cartoon Network Enterprises (CNE) to launch a range of ‘DENVER Superman’ deodorants for the first time in India. So all the fans of the American Superman, get ready to wear the fragrance of your favorite Superhero!

While it will not make you fly it certainly will keep you fresh and invigorated all through the day.

DENVER Superman deodorant comes in 2 variants – Power & Strength

The DENVER Superman Power It is a magnetically attractive fragrance which is fresh with a sensual blend of sparkling grapefruit and orange.  This power fragrance is epitome of grace and has a dominating presence.

The DENVER Superman Strength deodorant is a woody aromatic fragrance. It aims at ambitious young men who realizes their aspiration and strives for new challenges.

The DENVER Superman Power deodorant has an intense yet soothing, masculine yet gentle fragrance that lasts longer. Compared to perfumes, they are cost effective. They are also non-irritant, diverse, and readily attainable in many offline and online stores. If you have sweaty armpits or strong body odor and are looking for an effective antiperspirant deodorant for men that can help to restore your self-confidence, then it has to be Denver Superman Power and Strength deodrants. It is ideal for wearing in office and will make you feel fresh throughout the day.

Fragrance: A masculine fragrance, on lines of sensual and woody aroma that is not too strong yet lingers on keeping you fresh and confident all through the day.

Packaging: Comes in a Prussian blue can indicating Aqua citrus fragrance with the trademark red and yellow Superman logo. The packaging is pretty appealing which will attract the youth instantly especially Superman fans.

Price: Rs 250/-




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