Divya Thukral who brought premium Australian brand NATIO in India

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Divya Thukral, Managing Director of Belle Vous

BNI got in talks with the young & dynamic Managing Director of Belle Vous, Divya Thukral

At 26, Divya Thukral is the Managing Director of Belle Vous that retails the premium Australian natural beauty care brand NATIO in India.

She has been trained rigorously by NATIO Australia for about 2 months so that she knows the products inside out and is also timely trained about any new products released. The training not only includes product knowledge but also updates her on the universal sales and marketing tactics.

In 2011 Divya was appointed as the Managing Director of Belle Vous Pvt Ltd where she continues to pursue her love for international business and is responsible for the strategic planning and management of the company especially focusing on retail and marketing and new market opportunities.

What is your role in the company

As the Managing Director of Belle Vous that retails the premium Australian natural beauty care brand, my role in the company involves pretty much anything and everything. From managing marketing and sales to handling operations, inventories, etc. Looking for potential retailers and wholesalers, meeting up with them, deciding terms, setting up the point of sales, dispatching orders, putting offers, etc. My work also involves importing and custom release of the goods to ensure the material safely reaches the warehouse.

BNI-Natio-productsA brief on your brand

NATIO is a nature based Australian skincare and make up brand and a one stop shop for all your beauty needs covering skincare, make up, bath & body, Men’s range and fragrances. NATIO combines the best of nature and modern science in all its formulations. The products are easy going and refreshingly real!

What inspired you to bring this brand to India?

There is a noticeable need of GOOD nature based beauty products in the Indian market. The origin of the brand, its formulation and sweet pricing insisted us to bring the brand to India and we were right in doing. The demand for natural skincare and make-up is increasing by the day and Natio is here to provide the Indian consumer solutions for their daily beauty needs.

Is it for professional or personal use and what are the major products you deal with

Natio is primarily for personal use. We deal with skincare products for treating anti ageing, acne, dull skin, young skin and Men’s skin and we have a nature based solutions for all your beauty needs. Our make up colors are inspired by nature and apt for daily wear. Our bath and body range is extremely skin pampering and are a boon for the working population who can’t always spare time for expensive body spas and polishes.

BNI-Natio-Wellness_Body_Lotion_CMYKHow has your business evolved over the years

Our business has evolved in the right direction over the past 3 years. The journey has been challenging but fruitful. New products are launched by NATIO every year, in both make up and skincare categories.

What have been your major challenges

The major challenge for us was product placement in the Indian market. We had to be very careful while doing so and the only way we would counter this problem was our sheer patience in placing the product. We were in no hurry to make money and hence took baby steps BUT in the direction of progress as we didn’t want to hurt the brand’s image.

Your unique marketing model and strategy

In this very competitive market, we follow a penetrating pricing policy, wherein we bring an imported Australian brand to the customer at a price lower than the other well known competing brands and eventually gain the trust of the customer and achieve a healthy market share.

What is the strength of your distribution network?

We are currently there in 8 Health and Glow stores, 1 Sephora and will be soon in 3 more Sephora outlets, on major websites like Nykaa, Myntra, Jabong, Flipkart, Amazon,etc. and 1 EBO in Dehradun.

BNI-Natio-Wellness_Hand_Cream_SPF15_CMYKDo you consider in imparting education for product sales

Yes, regular training sessions are held for our point of sales staff. Online Skype training directly from Australia is provided to them and at times the head trainer from Australia flies down for a group training session.

How has been the response until now

The response has been encouraging. Indians have appreciated the brand/product range, its quality and are coming back for more which is keeping us motivated. The demand and brand presence, both have been increasing, which is extremely encouraging.

What are your future plans for expansion

We are looking forward to expanding with 3 more Sephora outlets this year along with more Health and Glow stores.

We wish Divya good luck for her future endeavors.




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