Dull skin no more: Vedic Line special Moisturizing Gels Collection


A Fresh New Glow For Haggard & Dull Skin

Vedic Line Cool Mint Massage Gel

Vedic Line Cool Mint Massage Gel

Vedic Line Presents Special Moisturizing Gels Collection

New Delhi, February 2016: Everyday is a day filled with pollution, work pressures, home chores that increasingly are an issue to find time to pamper you and nourish the skin. Vedic Line has found just the right solution every woman was in search of, a whole collection of Moisturizing Gels that specially keep in mind every skin type and skin issue. The highlight of the collection is that these Moisturizing Gels are all easy to use and do not hamper with spending too much time or making special efforts, all one has to do is gently rub it in and let it absorb naturally. The gels not only have a soothing effect but a long lasting one as well. The collection has 9 different types of Moisturizing Gels and some the top-sellers are:

  • Vedic Line Natural Aloe Vera Hydra 10

    Vedic Line Natural Aloe Vera Hydra 10

    Natural Aloe Vera Gel-Hydra 10: It naturally moisturizes dry, normal and oily skins. It works as a refreshing drink for thirsty skin as it instantly hydrates or naturally moisturizes the skin resulting in a happy face with glowing skin. Aloe Vera enriches the skin with minerals, Vitamins and works as an excellent anti oxidant.

  • Vedic Line Milk Chocolate Massage Gel

    Vedic Line Milk Chocolate Massage Gel

    Milk Chocolate Massage Gel:Enriched with Cocoa Butter, Caramel and Cocoa Powder the massage gel hydrates and accelerates production of new cells giving skin the sheer joy of vitality and freshness.

  • Papaya Massage Gel: Papaya is known for its benefits externally and internally for the human body. Using papaya over acne prone skin lessens acne and also reduces blemishes. A regular use of the moisturizing gel will help one to maintain PH balance and will increase micro circulation that results in a spotless glow.
Vedic Line Papaya Massage Gel

Vedic Line Papaya Massage Gel

 Price: Rs. 175/- onwards (65ml to 100ml)

Availability – www.vedicline.com


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