Emerging Nail Industry in India


Taking care of nails has found a permanent spot in grooming routine. Along with other things now people want beautiful nails as well and are willing to spend a fortune to get nail extensions and all kinds of nail art to enhance their looks.

There are LOTS of reasons that the nail business is enjoying big increases, in popularity, in service prices, in the number of salon customers, in new services.

Nails were just embarked in grooming with just color over the same, but with the new trends and available information and products, teens most likely prefer a design or an art on their nails.

Nail care, Nail art and Nail extensions have become an integral part of grooming and care. In India, the nail segment is growing as salons and nail spas are offering different types of nail care and grooming techniques for customers, the nail base saw a rise in 2011 in India wherein the demand of customers grew rapidly at a pace of 30% in Nails.

BNI-nail-polish-clipartThis period saw the boom of new products, new nail bars, nail academies and nail educational programs for professionals coming into India.

The industry has attracted various prominent International brands to come into India to expand their business through products and training, International workshops, Nail Competitions, Seminars and professional courses has now developed an opportunity of professional nail artists getting developed in India.

Comparatively to the make up, hair and skin segment, Nails is unbelievably approaching a 35% increase as salon services every year.

Reflective of their declining engagement in the category, women aged 18-24 are found spending more time shopping for nail products and experimenting with new trends when compared to just one year ago, while also reporting to be doing their nails more frequently in comparison to older female consumers.

Unlike many beauty and personal care categories, natural positioning is not a prevalent theme in the nail category. Yet, nail care users express some concerns about nail health and the effects of chemicals in nail care products. In fact, 21% of all nail product users worry that nail polish is damaging their nails, and nearly 20% are concerned about chemicals in nail polish. The premium end of the market has picked up on this and various brands are becoming more active in natural nail color with products that promote a message of nail/skin health and natural ingredients..

A prominent theme among more niche nail brands in the past year has been natural and reduced-chemical nail polishes. Natural/low-chemical nail polishes generate the highest level of interest among nail product users, with 67% of respondents reporting interest. Similarly, 56% of nail product users report interest in gentle nail care products.

Concern about nail damage from frequent polishing as well as a broader consumer concern about product ingredients is fueling interest in natural and gentle products.

In India education in nails is definitely growing with brands considering the main factor of training and knowledge imparting to also create an impact in sales. Seminars, Trainings, Courses, Knowledge sharing through events and exhibitions is growing BUT what is the learner or industry demands from the same is belief in education through brands not only endorsing their product but increasing education through basic modules which will help the student even practice the same whilst using other brands.

Nail Education should consists of not only nail art and new trends but also care for nails, cuticle, mani -pedi ..etc to help the student understand and gain knowledge of the entire concept in nails.

Competition in pricing, supplier, marketing and post sales service are some of the essential factors to build your nail business.
The industry is growing and will definitely witness the rise in the same when we would have more educators and nail salons opening in various cities.


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