Essentials of Barbering- A story around how important it is and the course you are planning


There are many commandments for all barbers to live by, but there’s no need to worry – We at Indian School of Hairdressing would like to make things easier for you.

After decades of decline, barbering is BACK in a big way. Today’s men want more than just a tired old clipper cut. They want texture, style, a haircut that compliments their personality or makes a statement. To keep men in your chair or to attract men to you in the first place, one needs to master the ESSENTIALS OF BARBERING. Together, we’ll take the fear out of the fade and leave you feeling more empowered to get artistic with men’s hair!

We would help you to discover some of the invaluable tips that every professional barber should know: texturising, clipper over comb, scissor over comb and shaping up.

Indian School of Hairdressing currently offers a variety of courses which are suitable for those with no hairdressing or barbering experience. It covers the fundamentals of barbering where we teach freehand scissor over comb, clippering techniques, woven in with classic cutting techniques alongside educating about latest trends in men’s barbering and how these techniques can be adapted to suit different hair textures.

 Barbering is an essential aspect of growing Men’s grooming industry.

Indian School of Hairdressing in collaboration with British Barbers Association plans to offer various levels of advanced barbering courses which will aim at beginners to current professionals looking to take their barbering skills to the next level.


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