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Hair Extensions are the latest fad and why not, after all it’s the easiest way to get hair of your dreams with the least amount of effort

BNI-Gunjan Gaur, Makeup Expert and Executive Director ALPS Cosmetic Clinic

Courtesy: Gunjan Gaur, Makeup Expert and Executive Director ALPS Cosmetic Clinic

Hair Extensions are hair integrations which can be applied/clipped/sewed/pasted to clients’ natural hair in order to give length, volume and, or color to the hair which are thin, short or dull etc,. These hair additions are group of hair strands and are either made up of synthetic or human hair – to be used depending upon one’s personal choice & spending capacity.

  • How long it lasts?

While the durability of these extensions depend more upon how your care for it –temporary extensions last as much as you wish it to as you they may be clipped on and off at regular intervals which prevents it from wearing out; permanent extensions can stay as long as up to 2 years depending upon their handling and maintenance. However, as the extensions becomes loose and displaced after a certain level of time due to the natural hair growth – monthly visits to your salon would be required for re-attachment purpose to make them look new as before.

  • Type of extensions?

Temporary Hair Extensions: As the same suggests, these extensions are temporary and hence, are temporarily clipped onto your hair and removed thereafter. They may be worn for a specific occasion to induce make you hair look longer, thicker or colored for a specific/short period of time. They are available in either synthetic or human hair which decides their cost and durability. People majorly choose them to add to add colors to their hair by using in-fashion colored extensions.

Permanent Hair Extensions: On the other hand, these extensions which are permanently sewn, glued or beaded onto the hair for a longer lasting effect are called permanent hair extensions. They too come in two types – i.e. created of human or synthetic hair. The only difference between these remains that while the human hair extensions can survive almost any treatment and hence last longer depending upon their care – the synthetic ones may wear off sooner.

  • Is it done according to the structure of head?

No, but it might be done according to the direction of the hair growth of the client. So, if a client has a specific hair parting or keeps his hair in a pouf, the extension will also be clipped the direction of natural hair growth. This ensures that your hair will tangle less and exhibit a natural fall/effect.

  • What kind of service is available in ALPS?

ALPS offers both temporary and permanent hair extensions at nominal prices.

  • How to identify that salons are using the best quality of hair?

Getting to know the quality of extensions is quite a task for a client and is in fact impossible. So, it is advisable for them to visit a professional salon and get their extensions from an expert to get the best deal out!

  • Any side effects?

No it’s a fool-proof and safe procedure to amp-up the volume or length of the hair without any surgical procedure or side effects.

  • Can we avoid/remove them when get bore?

Yes, the temporary ones can get clipped on and off according to your mood. However, you ought to visit the professional where you’ve first got the extensions from – in order to remove your permanent extension as doing it yourself may hamper your natural hair.

  • Can we colour them?

Yes, permanent extensions can certainly be colored in case you have natural colored ones. As far as temporary ones are concerned, they are available in all bright and poppy shades of season and can be swapped according to your choice even at daily basis.

  • How to maintain them?

It is recommended to treat your extensions as your natural ones – so pamper and care your hair like you’ve always done for your hair. This include shampooing at regular intervals to take off all grime – but make sure to indulge in extra conditioning as the extensions are not getting any nourishment from the roots. So, use loads and loads of it after every wash. Also, remember to go for an oil-massage at least once a week to keep your hair healthy and hale. In case, of colored extensions, the application of a mask also cannot be missed to maintain the color.

  • Cost involved

Permanent Extensions: 10000/- to 65000/-

Temporary Extensions: Starts from Rs 200/- onwards



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