Fash face wash from Curatio  


Fash face wash from Curatio

Special formulation for acne-prone skin

Fash face wash from CuratioCuratio Healthcare, the specialty dermatology company from India brings Fash, the face wash gel and foam specially formulated for sensitive, dry and acne prone skin. Its unique ingredients and skin friendly pH makes it mild on skin and effective in removing dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil, while keeping the skin fresh and hydrated. Both the gel and foam face wash are often prescribed by doctors for acne prone skin and are mild yet effective to the skin.

The gel and foam face wash are ideal for acne prone and oily skin as it does a good job of keeping oiliness at bay for a good number of hours which is good for acne and pimple prevention. The face wash possesses a clinical smell which is fresh and also pleasant. It lathers well and gives a squeaky clean feel after use. It would be great for using in summer to get rid of grease and grime and cleanse the skin thoroughly.The products are non-comedogenic and specially suitable for Oily and acne prone skin.

However it may not be suitable for dry skin and might need heavy moisturizing after use specially in winters.

Fragrance: A strong, clinical fragrance that gives a fresh feeling and lingers awhile after use.

Packaging: Comes in a flip top tube and Pump.The blue and white combination of colors is quite eye catching; the packaging of the product is certainly attractive.

Price: Fash Gel – Rs.190/- and Fash Foam – Rs. 270/-


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