Fierce and fabulous: Stiletto nails


Fierce and fabulous: Stiletto nails

Inspired from Stiletto heels, this nail shape is a favorite among super-stylish women who love to make a mark. Pop star Rihanna is often spotted in her favorite Stiletto nails. Find out more about the controversial and swanky Stiletto nails.

Fierce and fabulous Stiletto nailsStiletto nails are really trendy right now. With celebrities like Rihanna, Fergie and Beyoncé rocking the stiletto nail look, the hot new trend is hard to ignore. These pointy-looking nails have made us think beyond regular round, square, oval and almond nail styles and added a little spice to the nail world.

Stiletto is an acrylic nail shape that is tapering towards the tip. The name comes from stiletto heels as this incredible shape resemble them a lot.

People usually mistake ‘Almond’ nail shape for ‘Stiletto’, but the Stiletto shape has a much more drastic point. Plus, the Stiletto is not possible on natural nails because they don’t have enough strength to hold the shape. So if you want this look it’s better to opt for nail enhancements.

BNI_matte-white-stiletto-nailsWith talon-like appearance these nails look fierce, but Stiletto nails without a doubt look glamorous. When done right, this shape can make your nails and fingers appear slimmer and longer.

People have mixed opinion about sporting Stiletto nails. The pointed shape with sharp tip makes the simplest of chores difficult like typing, applying makeup and opening containers.

Pros of Stiletto nails:

  • They are prone to breaking
  • If not done correctly, they can make your fingers appear short and stubby
  • They can be dangerous as injury can be easily caused by the pointed tips
  • They may be difficult to maintain and are also high maintenance
  • Gripping things won’t be as easy
  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADoing day to day chores with these nails might be difficult and take time getting used to

All said and done, the ultra-pointy shoe-inspired Stiletto mani-style may not be practical, but it sure is super stylish. If it looks good, people will try it out.Have you tried the Stilettoe nails? If yes, let us know your views and share with others.




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