FOR MEN Line by Anubis Cosmetics: the complete grooming solution


BNI-Anubis-BarcelonaAnubis Cosmetics presents FOR MEN line- especially formulated to suit men’s grooming needs

The line FOR MEN by Anubis Cosmetics is a potent ENERGISING TREATMENT especially for men skin that offer complete PROTECTION, FRESHNESS AND COMFORT. This treatment is indicated for all men skin types requiring moisturization, revitalizing and protection against premature ageing.

BNI-Anubis-Barcelona-FOR MEN_REVITALIZING EXFOLIATING GEL_20mThanks to the synergy of ENERGY SYSTEM, it renews the energy lost due to daily activity, eliminating the visible signs of fatigue & stress along with providing revitalization for the skin. It also helps fight premature ageing and harmful effects of solar radiation by protecting the skin against free radicals, and instantly reduces dryness and the feeling of tightness.

For complete care try the FORMEN treatment consisting of following products:

BNI-Anubis-Barcelona-FOR MEN_ULTRA HYDRATING CREAM_75mFOR MEN ULTRA-HYDRATING CREAM: Reduces dryness and tightness. This cream has a powerful antioxidant action that protects from premature ageing. Renews the energy lost by daily activity.

FOR MEN REVITALIZING EXFOLIATING GEL: Eliminates impurities and cleans the skin in depth. With fresh and pleasant texture it leaves skin free of shine and extremely hydrated. While the skin is ready for shaving, it combats possible irritations. Also, prevents blackheads, enlarged pores, shines and fatigued skin.

FOR MEN ENERGIZER EYE CONTOUR: A perfect ally for reducing bags and dark circles thanks to its draining effect. Its “soft focus” effect reduces wrinkles and expression lines. With a high antioxidant power that prevents the premature ageing and eliminates visible signs of fatigue and stress, immediately. The appearance is rested and refreshed.

BNI-Anubis-Barcelona-MEN_ENERGIZER EYES CONTOUR_18mlWith 3 decades of experience and a wide range of products with over 200 face and body references that cover all skin needs, Anubis Cosmetics develops highly effective treatments and cosmetic technology, that together with a committed and highly qualified professional team, make it a benchmark in the professional cosmetics sector, positioning it among the leading brands of the market.

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