Forest Essentials introduces Teenage Day and Night creams for the perfect start of a beauty skin care routine


Ayurvedic scriptures suggest that skin care should start at a young age.Beautiful skin is described as smooth, lustrous, soft and radiant.In the teenage years, many skins can undergo changes commonly resulting in oiliness, breakouts, acne or pigmentation which can affect long term damage to the skin. With this in mind, Forest Essentials has launched two very unique Facial Creams made from 100% Authentic Ayurvedic Formulations, that are specially designed to take care of specific skin concerns faced during these very formative years.

Forest Essentials presents a unique line of new Day and Night creams specially designed for the first start of a Beauty skin care routine: Eladi Day Cream and Kumkumadi Night Cream.

Eladi Teenage Day Cream | Price: INR 1850

The Eladi Day Cream is prepared with precious ingredients including Eladi oil, YashadBhasma, Neem leaf extract, fresh turmeric paste, Silver Bhasma and MuktaPishti – a freshwater pearl infusion, which adds natural radiance to the skin.

This also contains a 30 SPF for skin protection and has an exceptionally light texture which allows the skin to breathe.

Kumkumadi Teenage Night Cream | Price: INR 1975

The Kumkumadi Night Cream is light and easily absorbed when the skin is at rest. This contains Kumkumadi Oil, Desi Ghee, Rosa Damascene, Narangi Peel Extract, and pure Sandalwood Paste to nourish and even out pigmentation.

A rare Ruby infusion process is used to give skin clarity & brightness.

The new range of EladiTeenage Day Cream and Kumkumadi Teenage Night Cream is now available at stores nationwide and online on:


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