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Indulgent Skincare With Mashobra Honey & Vanilla Collection

BNI-Forest_essentials-Bath & Shower Oil Honey & Vanilla 200 ml

Forest Essentials-Bath & Shower Oil Honey & Vanilla 200 ml

The clouds that float by the whiff of the cool breeze, Swaying and surging to shower the celestial rains

     And drench the earth with life-giving drops of Amrita” (Rig Veda.7.36.7)

The onset of Monsoon, poetically termed Varsha Ritu as per the Indian seasonal calendar, ushers in a soul quenching spell of blissful rain showers after what has been an exceptionally scorching summer this year. The much needed drop in temperature and the burst of natural beauty aside, the season also brings with it tricky times for your skin brought about by sudden temperature fluctuations and the increased humidity. These fluctuations often lead in imbalances of the body’s doshas or bio-elements, leading to breaking out of the skin, irritation and allergies.

BNI-Forest Essentials-Hand & Body Lotion Honey & Vanilla 200 ml

BForest Essentials Hand & Body Lotion Honey & Vanilla 200 ml

Forest Essentials has introduced its monsoon beauty regime – the Mashobra Honey & Vanilla Skin Care Collection, to soothe and nourish your skin while maintaining its natural balance for a healthy radiance this tricky transition season. Ideal for a holistic facial and body skin care regime, the collection is an aromatic amalgamation of succulent golden honey from Mashobra and Caramel-esque Coorg Vanilla for tender loving care for your skin.

The abundant humectants (moisture-rich) compounds of natural honey help in retaining skin moisture and elasticity for a healthy suppleness while the antioxidant properties of B-Vitamin complexes like niacin, thiamin, Vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid derived from Vanilla fortify the skin, protecting it from damage caused by environmental pollutants and toxins. Together the elements help keep your skin moisturized and healthy without overpowering it’s natural oil balance, making you look your radiant self this season.

BNI-Forest_essentials-Hair Conditioner Honey & Vanilla 200 ml

Forest Essentials Hair Conditioner Honey & Vanilla 200 ml

The Forest Essentials Mashobra Honey & Vanilla Range includes a vast array of skin and hair care products including the Hand & Body Lotion, Moisture Replenishing Bath & Shower Oil, Hair Cleanser, Hair Conditioner & Silken Dusting Powder.

This new Monsoon Regime Collection is available at all Forest Essentials outlets across India as well as online on


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