Gadgets in grooming have inspired the growth of the beauty business


Companies and Brands are increasingly leveraging the fields of science and technology to create and promote products that promise a more beautiful you.

There’s a reason why the beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar one. Hair dryers, Irons, Trimmers, Grooming kits have been an integral part of a home these days, whether recession or no recession consumers turn to cosmetic products to satiate their thirst for discretionary spending and grooming.


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There has since been a proliferation of entrepreneurs in this recession-proof space. At the start of the recovery, people led the pack, posing as both the founders and noble faces of their brands.
Earlier it was those usual brand names from decades who adorned the industry but with innovations and trendy gadgets especially the ones that provide multi functions and are compact with extended warranty and auto features are now a big demand.


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“Consumers are empowered in their ability to amplify their point of view of products through the tools of their choice that enables them to help them in their grooming”.

Enlightened beauty shoppers want more than a wider variety of trendy irons, and they’re certainly looking for more than a traditional celebrity endorsement. They’re also busier and thus craving for compact gadgets and convenient packaging to speed up their morning routines.


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So today, many innovators are emerging from behind the scenes of their electronic and technical background  to stress the science-based branding of their beauty products. Also, celebrity hairdressers and beauticians, who have frontline knowledge of consumer needs, are entrepreneurially launching their own lines by capitalizing on the same.
There are International brands, there are private label brands, there are brands manufactured in India and there are brands that are strictly for professionals, how to choose what and which is appealing can only be guided through promotional materials and proper advisors.

India has seen a tremendous rise in beauty gadgets recently, which embarks the growth of the demand for the same in the industry, manufacturers have also opted the usage of style and colors to impress the user with developments of gadgets that also can work without electricity plug ins, battery operated and self rechargeable powerful tools that can run upto 30-60 minutes or days without recharging them.
Competition is severe and so are the choices, one should not be confused while purchasing the same but should infact take more time in understanding the technical specifications more than just going by the brand name, color and trendy styles.

A recent study proved that 2015 saw a sudden rise from male customers who had maximized the purchase of trimmers and shavers from various e-stores.

In digital space, it has been noticed that various professional tools have also encompassed the need of referring to mass sales, as gadgets need no exclusive training or SOP and can be used for services as desired with basic knowledge and information provided along with the packaging.


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