Get Glowing Skin This Valentine’s With Vichy’s Bi-whitepowerful 3 Step Routine


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~Because getting Ideal & Radiant skinis now easy~

Mumbai, January 2015: Discover the next level of skin care for your special date this Valentine’s Day with a comprehensive range for every skin care need- the Bi-White range by Vichy. It is an exclusive range, drawn from extensive research and clinical tests, a one-stop 3243-thickbox_leoappssolution for healthy, ideal skin. As you prepare for a night out with your valentine, you may start to feel the added pressure to look your best, and so begins the search for a skin care product to combat the effects that the additional nerves may have on your skin.

Busy modern lives should not rule out intelligent beauty solutions – if anything, today’s pace of life and all the environmental stresses attacking our skin demand more careful thought about our skincare routine. Meeting these necessities our other products from this range includes-

  • Bi-White MED Deep cleansing Foam
  • Bi-WHITE MED Deep Corrective Whitening Essence
  • Bi-White MED Day Cream

Vichy-Bi-White-Med-Whitening-Replumping-Gel-700x700The Vichy Bi-White Med Lightening Deep Cleansing Foam is highly effective in cleansing the skin, improving transparency and bringing back natural radiance to the skin. Suitable for all skin types it is a skin lightening breakthrough with its Ceramide + LHA to act in every single layer for enhanced skin flawless radiance. This creamy cleansing foam, enriched with anti- pollution agent is very gentle to the skin and has proven guaranteed efficacy on pigmentation, dullness and dark spots.

Vichy Bi-White Med Deep Corrective Whitening Essence is a skin lightening breakthrough with its Ceramide White™ + LHA to act in every single layer of the epidermis and DRM-WhiteTM Technology to target the second layer of the skin – The dermis layer. Optimally concentrated Ceramide White™ repairs cells in every single layer of the epidermis by acting at the root of melanin production. The active ingredients penetrating deep in the skin, reaching the fibroblast down in the dermis, to correct complexion flaws thus bringing the broadest results. It’s easy to apply and absorbs well.There’s no residue, and it feels as though skin is getting an instant ‘drink’. Make-up also goes on more smoothly

Vichy Bi-White Med Whitening Replumping Gel Cream works on deep Melanin Correction at Cell Level. It combines the whitening power of peony gives you a complete protection from the effects of pollution and stress for hours.The lightweight texture penetrates into the skin and provides deep melanin correction at the cellular level.Uneven skin tone is evened out and pigmentation fades from the source giving you a flawless complexion. All Day Long Lasting Light-effect

  • Bi-White MED Deep cleansing Foam – Rs. 1400/- for 100 ml.
  • Bi-WHITE MED Deep Corrective Whitening Essence- Rs. 2,200/- for 30 ml.
  • Bi-WHITE MED Day Cream- Rs. 2000/- for 50 ml.


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