Get party season ready with these top tips by hairstylist to the stars Asgar Saboo


You’ve got the dress and the shoes… now follow Asgar Saboo’s expert advice on how to achieve his 5 go-to hairdos for everybody’s favourite time of year and ensure that you are Christmas party ready from head to toe!

1.  Half-up, half-down

BNI - half up, half down

Smooth the hair with a brush to eliminate frizz before beginning. Curl the hair with a wide barrel tong in larger sections to create big curls and loose waves; running the fingers through strands that curl tighter than desired. Next, either twist back the front sections of the hair and secure or section off the top layer of hair (creating a separation at the middle of the crown), backcombing at the roots and fashion into a ponytail for a messier finish; leaving two face framing tendrils to enhance the relaxed look. For an added festive finish, secure the top section of hair with a feminine velvet ribbon. Cover with a medium hold spray to maintain movement and a more natural finish.

 2.    Classic Up-do

BNI - classic up-do

From fixing the hair at the base of the neck in a messy bun to creating a sculptural top knot; a voluminous deconstructed chignon will forever be the peak of relaxed romantic elegance and one of the most timeless updo styles. Start with clean, damp hair and blow dry with a diffuser. Once the hair is completely dry, backcomb at the root and sweep it all back into a low loose ponytail either behind the neck or to the side. Grab pieces of the pony at random; twisting and pinning them upwards to the head; until all of the loose hair has been gathered up to form a chignon. Slide fingers under the hair and gently lift to loosen the hold and add volume to the styling. Pull out some strands to frame the face and finish with a sweeping of medium hold hairspray.

3.    Party Ponytail

BNI - party ponytail

Curl large sections of hair using a waving wand; scrunching sections as you go to set the curl. Backcomb the hair at the root, leaving a small section at the front of the hairline untouched as to avoid a ‘dragged through a hedge backwords’ look. Brush your hair back into a high ponytail and secure with a bobble, leaving a small piece of hair out to wrap around and conceal the hair tie. After securing, gently lift the top section of hair for added height using the end tail of a comb. Finish with a covering of medium hold hairspray and you are ready to go. Add a french braid to the top section of the hair before brushing back into a ponytail to mix the current ‘plaits and knots’ trend into your look, as seen on Margot Robbie, or keep it plain and simple like Rihanna.

4.    Sleek and Sultry

BNI - sleek and sultry

Only hair gel or wax is needed to create this final look. Simply spread hair gel or wax over your fingertips and apply to dry hair. Start with a small amount (you can always add more) and build on this as needed. Comb through the hair and fix with a strong hold spray. A quick blast with the hairdryer to set the gel and you are ready to go! Apply this look to sleek blow-dried hair, such as Mollie King, or scrape back into a high pony tail for maximum impact such as Bella Hadid.

5.    Hollywood Waves

BNI - Hollywood waves

The first step to achieving the old Hollywood glamour look is to part your hair deep onto one side. There are then two ways to create the soft waves – either use a wide barrel tong or heated rollers. If using heated rollers, simply set them in your hair and allow to cool. If using a waving wand, separate the hair into medium sized sections and start curling (all in the same direction). Ensure to flat-wrap each section over the wand and hold diagonally for 5-8 seconds to create a deep wave. Lightly cover the hair with a medium hold spray and then fully brush through the curls with a paddle brush to transform the curls into soft waves. Flat clips can be used after this step if you want to add slightly more definition back into the waves – before finishing with a strong hold spray.




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