Glow like the moon this Eid



Get the moon’s reflection on your face this Eid

Through the forty days of fasting, it’s likely that your skin is left parched and sapped of glow. Here, top dermatologists, Dr Reema Arora, New Delhi, and Dr Sujata Chandrappa, Bangalore, tell us how:

  1. Sip on water through the day rather than gulping it. If you gulp, your body will throw out the excess and you will end up dehydrated. It’s possible that your body is feeling bloated, because when you fast, the body may hold on to water. By sipping, you’re helping your body readjust.
  1. Drink other liquids that don’t have sugar: green tea, coconut water, water infused with a fruit. Sugar causes inflammation in the body, and it can also make acne flare up.
  1. Sweets are synonymous with festivals, so of course you must eat them, but try and limit intake, and eat dry fruits, or desserts made with fresh fruit. You may also put on weight, which is not good for your skin, as it gets unnecessarily stretched if you binge on sugar and maida-based sweets.
  1. Eat small meals, rather than large ones. Fasting can slow your metabolism down, which means your body burns calories slower.
  1. Get sleep, so you can minimise the dark circles.
  1. Try a skin-booster treatment to regain your glow, such as a skin-booster filler.
  1. Medi-facials are also good for rejuvenation.
  1. Use a pore refiner to counter dilated pores. It regulates sebum and hence improves the skin’s appearance.
  1. A great way to have blemish-free skin is a Q-switch laser rejuvenation at a medical clinic, for those who have aging skin.
  1. The season is sticky and sweaty. Ensure you use a medicated cleanser (salicylic -acid-based) and oil free sunscreen to ensure a beautiful look.

Now you can look like a million bucks this Eid with these simple tips. EID MUBARAK!


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