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Here are some pointers that will help you grow and prosper in your Nail salon business

Increase in demand and increase in supply has now made the Nail business grow in India, there is seen a growth of about 20% only in Nail Salons across the country, a minimal figure but a futuristic successful perception, this has been due to visualizing the aspect in demand for grooming in nails and the various features and added elements to its care too.

Initially, it was noticed that salons were promoting the Nail service as an add on package or a complimentary service to regular and high end service demanding clients. Nails were considered as an essential part in grooming but to excite the customer to use the service was a big perplexity. With the outburst of branded manicure and pedicure products with knowledge and training in services has evolved the all-new interest of grooming in nails.

Some salons have realized the fact of opening up another section in their existing salon or re-locating a nail grooming lounge to another area to help customers experience the service as a part of rejuvenation or relaxation.

There are various essential ways by which one can introduce and grow their Nail Salon business with the following methods:

A happy customer means booming business

A happy customer means booming business

Choosing the right product before the right brand

An essential advice, people tend to search for popular brand names to help this business grow, but the focus has to be on the type of service you provide and that can be implemented by using any quality product.

Service Menu

Create a combination of services other than introducing separate services on the list, this will help the client understand the quality of treatment they will acquire in just one sitting.
Enhance the same as a ‘value for money’, which ultimately helps many of your services to go with one package thus reducing the stress of creating multiple charges for selected services.

Blend of Products

Use a wide unique combination of brands and products; for eg. manicure and pedicure use prominent scrubs and creams, tools, wipes, aroma based products, nail colors, designs and art. Make the client feel that you are not promoting a brand to them but providing them a quality service using multiple brands and products.

Encourage and DO NOT PUSH

Deliver your clients what they demand and not what you want to give them, offer them the array of services and encourage them for additional services only after examining their hands, feet and nails. Make them feel that the service is for their improvement of conditions and not for your salon benefit.

Quality Service for Client Recall

A most important point in any business, this is an inclusion of customer service wherein, provide trained and skilled staff who also have their hands, feet’s and nails groomed and who need to be pleasant throughout the service keeping the client engaged in what they prefer. Emphasize on quality service by also introducing a catalogue or a pamphlet of your other services to the clients. Towels/tissues can also have branding of the products.

3 easy publicity tips to Grow Your Nail Salon Business

Maximize social media

Use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and other social media pages to promote your designs and discounts. Offer regular “fan” specials that keep customers loyal and coming back.

To boost sales, add online scheduling to your social media pages. This allows customers to conveniently purchase services without having to leave the page.

Promote your referral program

A referral program is only effective if customers know about it. Be sure to heavily promote your referral program on your social media pages, Web site, business cards and in your salon reception. Mention it every time a customer checks out or attach it to his service invoice.

Offer unique services

Stand out from the competition by offering services they don’t. Research trends to see what’s hot in the professional nail industry. Create essential kits for a Nail therapist, which includes all essential products, brands useful for nail care, art, color and design.

Indulge in after care products as cuticle oil, nail filers, buffers etc.


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