Hair Colour Industry in India


Coloring hair is no longer just a replacement for anti-aging, it is now a mater of style, trend and wellness too.
The increasing affluence among the young and changing lifestyles are driving the demand for the emerging hair color segment.

The Rs 2,500-crore hair colour market in India today is exciting, experimental and transformative. Hair colouring is no longer considered an exercise in hiding greying hair. You can choose from an array of powders, gels, cremes, colours, in just about every shade, while being assured of nourishing, conditioning, enriching benefits at the same time.

Formerly Colour was an antidote to ageing. To add to it, there wasn’t much choice for consumers in terms of colours – companies in the category mostly offered black. The process of combining components made the exercise in hair colouring very tedious and the packaging in glass bottles, which looked medicinal and carried detailed information on mixing and measurement components, was not customer-friendly.

The defined routine of coloring or dyeing hair at home is reduced and there has been a rise in approach to salons for coloring hair.
The difference in professional hair color and retail hair color is now filling the gap and to have an extra shine with smoothness and primarily the tiring and time spending transmission of coloring your own hair at home is reduced.
Professional hair colors are the products that are used only at salons by trained hair technicians who also provide free consultation to most customers on the type of shade that would suit your appearance and will also complement your lifestyle.
Professional hair colors last longer and have more benefits other than the retail colors as available in the market.

India has seen a recent growth of about 30% in recent years wherein a visit to a hair salon is increased by both the genders.
Men’s grooming has been a big impact since 2015 and the average clientele to a standard salon even in a rural area is around 3-4 male customers per day for hair color services.

India has over 40% of the salon category described as ‘Parlours’ wherein the establishment still uses retail hair colors for their customers instead of professional hair colours, the reason being; price concern, easy availability, no professional training and a wide array of shades and brands. When it comes to shades at such establishments, preference is always a dark color in terms of black or brown, the reas28on here is the demand of just coverage of grey hair.d6cd14b0137ea891b9fa5337c6d632ff
Satchets and powder dyes have been replaced with cartons coming with easy application instructions and large quantity content.
Popular Brands in the retail hair color segment are L’Oreal Paris, Streax, Garnier, Revlon, Godrej..etc.

305082The advantages to walk into a professional Salon to color your hair gives you variable advantages other than just professional coloring, here you stand a chance of mix match colors, highlights, streaking and much more. Primarily you are in safe hands, as the color of your hair should add charm to your personality.

India’s overall hair colour market is estimated to be around Rs. 2,900 crore with new players in various categories and brand estimate.

The prominent players in the professional hair color industry in India are L’Oreal, Wella and Shwarzkopf with the secondary category of brands such as Matrix, Berina, Streax Pro..etc, currently dominating the market. In terms of fashion colors especially semi permanent there are Fudge, N’rage and Crazy Colors, which is also now not widely available, and there is a high demand for the same in the Indian market.

Herbal based hair colors and organic hair colors also perceive to enter the salon industry but with poor marketing techniques and education, they are not able to penetrate.

80% professional salons keep a choice of hair color brands at their salons to suit their customer needs, whereas the other 20% professional salons cater to only one particular brand.

The rise in demand for any professional hair colors at salons (other than the schemes and packaged offers) is; education, product innovation, marketing support and in-salon retail products.

If the brand has a wide array of professional post care products to support their color and which can be supplied only through the salons then they are in more demand as compared to regular color brands as Salons prefer their clientele to keep growing with their support of purchase of post maintenance products.

Extensive research and analysis also revealed that the share of hair care market is maximum in the cosmetic industry, with hair oil being the dominant segment as there is a surge in the Indian market with the variants in the segment like perfume oil, light oil, and many more. In future, although hair oil is expected to remain the leading market, but hair color will attain the fastest growth rate in the segment.




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