Hair style tips for vacations- look like a million bucks


Travel, party and make style statements with your hair

Here are some Hair styling tips by hair experts from Advanced Hair Studio for people travelling in vacations.

 With Delhi’s scorching heat, Delhiites are planning weekend getaways with their friends and family,to escape the summer heat.Gone are the days, when summers were spent indoors or meeting distant relatives. Indians seem to be caught in the daily grind of corporate life and hence do not miss any opportunity for a fun filled getaway.

BNI-Funky braids

Add fun with funky braids

Here is the time to relax and unwind. Plan a solo trip or explore places with your best buddies and look stunning in all your travel pictures with picture perfect hairdos.

Travellers make the most random plans with minimum baggage while travelling for a vacation. One doesn’t need hair styling equipments to give them a vivacious look. Experts from Advanced Hair Studio, give you some classy hair style tips without any fuss to look ultra-glamorous on your holidays.

  1. Take inspiration from Blake Lively, the twist ponytail look

    Take inspiration from Blake Lively, the twist ponytail look

    Twisty Ponytail–When travelling on long trips, simply tie your hair up in a ponytail to avoid messy hair. But to give it a twist, we suggest an easy and trendy version of it by twisting hair twice or thrice and then tying up in a ponytail. You can do it high or low as per your face structure.

  1. Natural Waves– This is one of the best and easy hair styles for vacations. Simply keep the hair loose and apply some hair products like hair mousse on damp hair and let it dry naturally.This is the best hair style to be carried in hot and humid weather, without worrying
    Let your hair down in natural waves

    Let your hair down in natural waves

    about your hair getting frizzy.

  1. Funky Braids –Braids have always fascinated well known fashionistas. Be it a night party or an afternoon luncheon, braids work wonders on girls. From a non-fussy, neat braid to loose, partial braids, one can look alluring as per the occasion.

Among other trending hairstyles are ‘side braids’ which are quick and stylish. Simply do a hair up-do from these braids by twisting them up in different directions and carefully putting hair pins wherever required.

Courtesy: Head hair expert from Advanced Hair Studio


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