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Rope Massage Therapy- Innovation through imagination!

There’s nothing like a good massage in your favorite Spa. And now good news for all spa therapy lovers; there’s a novel kind of massage that will help you relax and unwind.

Called ‘the rope therapy’, it’s an interesting concept where the therapist balances himself/herself with the help of hanging ropes and massages the therapy seeker’s body with the feet. Don’t be alarmed as it’s a safe method and the therapists are thoroughly trained for providing a relaxing experience.

The Rope Massage is the brainchild of Rekha Chaudhary, the wellness Ambassador on India and is also patented by her!

BNI talks with Rekha Chaudhary to find out more about this innovative and intriguing method of massage.

‘To crystallize my ideas I designed, implemented and experimented with a mixed reality, adventure and the-need-of-the-hour practices & therapies and that’s the origin of the innovation of The Novel rope Massage therapy’, says Rekha.

“I described my experiences, reflecting on the process of design inspiration in an area where so much remains unknown.”

Rekha Chaudhari-Wellness Ambassador of India

Rekha Chaudhari-Wellness Ambassador of India

“The Novel Rope Massage”, patented by Rekha Chaudhari (Wellness Ambassador).

Rekha is the first lady in India to patent her therapies in Spa and wellness industry. The Rope Therapy has been Voted the “Most Innovative Spa Treatment 2010” by Asia Spa Award 2011.

Understanding the anatomy of the body and their physiological functions, Rekha designed new techniques and development to give a revival or modern look to this massage and calling it “The Novel Rope Massage”.

The Rope massage is slowly gaining its place in the world of massage.

As in the olden days, the practice of making the little ones walk over the body of an adult was quite common in India. This technique not only provided relaxation to the tired muscles but was also fun for the doer.

“As a child I loved walking on my father’s body as and whenever he used to come home after a tired day. My attachment with him always made me remember those days when my little feet gave me him immense relaxation when I walked over his back. That very memory of me with my father gave me the spirit to imagine this innovation of designing this therapy of the Novel Rope massage therapy’, explains Rekha.

This therapy led to an altogether different level in the Spa Industry, due to its popularity and uniqueness it became the latest trend in the Spa World as more and more people wanted it to be implemented in their own Spa.

The therapy led to break all the restricted rules of the Spa Industry of Only facials and Body massages. It gave rise to a new era in the Wellness World. the innovative therapy gave more exposure to Caressaa Spa as it was first introduced there and attracted many clients to try out the new Novel Rope Massage.

In the hour-long therapy, the therapist walks on a person’s body and applies pressure to vital pressure points throughout the body. Rekha says, this helps one  detoxify. “The therapy works on lymphatic system drainage and hence the person experiencing the therapy is detoxified and relieved of body pain, tiredness and lethargy.There are also tiny bells attached to the ropes and the soft sound of these bells is very soothing.

There are select therapists who can render this therapy as they need to know how much weight his/her client can bear and render the pressure accordingly.

Rope therapy costs about Rs 2,500/-

Eventually, Caressaa was well known for Novel Rope and its exclusive services. The wide exposure bought us many franchises of Caressaa. In a short time of about four to five months they achieved about 10 franchise pan India.

Such was the power of the innovative imagination which took birth out of Rekha’s passion and dedication towards the Spa & Wellness Industry!


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