Himanshu Chadha and his journey as a cosmetic industry tycoon


His brands Aryanveda, Nimson, APS Cosmetofood and Arganic have made a repute in the Indian and international marketplace for delivering high quality, unique and effective products for skin and hair care.

BNI-Himanshu-ChadhaHis life definitely doesn’t resemble any Alfred Hitchcock story as it doesn’t begin with a thud and ends dramatically. Actually, his journey from IIT to a tycoon in cosmetic industry has its own course of perseverance and perception.

Reaching to such heights of success, he has not lost his roots and he still has curiosity to do something different, especially in the field of beauty care products. Even his contemporaries are amazed at his energy and praise him for his out of the box thinking. Our reporter managed to cut an interview with him after a month’s continuous efforts since he is presently occupied in the launch of his new range of new products.

BNI GETS IN CONVERSATION WITH MR. HIMANSHU CHADHA, Managing Director at Aryanveda Cosmeceutical

The idea behind your brands?

I always want to be in the thick of the things.  Always excited to carve different league of ideally formulated range of products which are not gimmick by any means and true to the commitment my product makes. It was very exciting and may be, as you can figure out that I always wanted to bottle the bliss of Mother Nature in all my products and my brand Aryanveda, Nimson, APS Cosmetofood and Arganic are the beautiful testimony of my passion.

A brief on your brand

All my brands are close to my heart and believe me all my products carry our commitment  ‘ quality, reason ability and deliver ability ‘.Being in the business for the last 18 years, I have drawn a conclusion that the end-user aspires a lot from his beauty product and it is our duty that we must come true to his expectations. My brands : Aryanveda, Nimson, Cosmetofood and Arganic caters to different aspirations of the end-users and so far the response is really over-whelming. Aryanveda Cosmecuticals brings forth a find blend of ayurvedic and new age innovations. Advanced Professional Series (APS) unfolds various spa kits, hair treatment kits, skin treatment kits and many other things to give our customer a complete range of option which they can choose as per their preference and skin type. As far as Nimson is concerned, it is a product for the masses who are more concerned for economic viability. We make sure that they get good beauty care products such as: creams, shampoos, lotions, talcums , hair oils at very reasonable price. The latest additions to my family of product are APS Cosmetofood and Arganic Hair and skin care range. APS Cosmetofood is pure organic skin care products made with almost 100% natural ingredients and you might mistake them as natural food because of their appearance and texture. Being free from petrochemicals, parabens and mineral oil, they are the safest thing happening to skin. And in the last but not the least by any means is Arganic hair oils and skin care range which are prepared with 100 % famous Moroccan Argan oil and can transform hair health in just few days.

BNI-Aryanveda LogoWhat inspired you to bring this brand to India?

Dejection and jubilation. Dejected because of extensive use of chemicals and synthetics in cosmetics. Being a chemical engineer from IIT DELHI, I know that these chemicals are hazardous and have long term harmful effects. I had the passion to transform the definition of cosmetology and my father Mr. S.K. Chadha has the knowledge who had vast experience of this industry for he had been in Godrej. You won’t believe that I began my journey from a kitchen converted into a factory in Savitri Nagar, Delhi. Though it was a hamlet beginning but my zest to succeed pushed me forward leaving behind all the obstacles be it financial constraints  or market competition. In my odds and evens my mother and father stood by me and helped me at the times of distress. It doesn’t go without saying that in my all odd and even times, my wife Sonia Chadha stood by me and motivated with her valuable advice and brought me new notions with her naturally inherited managerial and business management skills.

Is it for professional or personal use and what are the major products you deal with?

As I said my beauty skin and hair products have been designed to cater different segments of society. Nimson product range is overwhelmingly accepted in rural and sub – urban areas while Aryanveda serves professionals in salons and end users as well. At present APS cosmetofood and Arganic hair oil are exclusively used by skin care professionals.

How has your business evolved over the years

Must say that the cosmetic industry has transcended from conventional methodology to new approach. Industry has evolved tremendously and these days there is a great emphasis on organic based products which are safe and natural. People have become more conscious about the product they use. Therefore the industries are changing their outsets to come to the expectations of the customers. As the new technology is creeping in, people do have more awareness about the current trends of the market. In the wake of it, we have also changed our marketing strategies , packaging and ways of sales promotions. There is a great focus on the look and feel of packaging while also maintaining the standards of quality. Thanks to the digital revolution,  we have a wider access and connection with our customers. As far as the external factors are concerned, licensing policy is much industry friendly and our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India ‘has really won our confidence. Recently launched ‘Skill India’ program has motivated us to enhance the skills of our employees. Besides, our team of professionals is helping new generation of beauty and skin care industry to sharpen their skills. We are also training and guiding the beauticians, cosmetologists, hairdressers and makeup artists by constantly giving them live demonstrations of our products and telling them the right process.

What have been your major challenges?

As I just said that industry is going through a transient process and a notable shift from chemical shift to organic based products, I want to add to it that market slowdown has adversely affected the industry. However, we have managed to maintain our sales by retaining human power. Instead of giving up , we have given back to this industry. We never lost our focus and continued to build our dealers and distributors across the country and overseas. As a result, we were always there in the market. Instead of cutting down our operations, we increased our spectrum and now has a significant chunk of the market share .

BNI-Himanshu-Chadha-aryanvedaYou unique marketing strategy and model

Simple and honest…perhaps we have a way with the customers. We never deceive customers and give them what we promise: safe and instant results that will stay for long time. It  is our continuous endeavor to use best actives molecules, skin benefiting herbs and safe new age innovations in all our products. To promote our range, we have launched our own websites, created videos for Facebook and live demonstrations, held seminars and workshops across India and even in Singapore, Dubai, Italy, France and Malaysia to develop awareness about the product. Initially, people didn’t believe or trust it but now I can safely say that we are getting repeated orders which testify the growing popularity of our products. Our idea to approach the end-users directly has done the trick for us.

What is the strength of your distribution network?

Research and development.

BNI-cosmetfood-for-skinWe have a strong presence across India through our dealers and distributors, dedicatedly working to promote APS Cosmetofood range. We are also trying to tap overseas market and the initial response has been good. Besides extending our physical ties we, are investing a lot on our research and development. Our dedicated team of dermatologist, skin and body care experts, qualified ayurvedic doctors and scientists are always on the job to create new range of products. At present we have more than 1000 dealers across India and a team of hardcore that simply add wings to our products.

Tell us about effectiveness of your brands

All our brands: Aryanveda, Nimson, APS Cosmetofood and Arganic enjoy a great reputation in the market. Over the years people across India have found that all our brands are true to their promise and deliver results. The deeper understanding of the market, the sense of understanding the current aspirations of the people and improving our quality have always delivered good to us and given our brands an edge .

How has the response been until now?

Overwhelming and motivating. However, I still feel that here is a wide scope of improvement. Every new day dawns new opportunities and we are committed to tap them all. I must say that our customers response not only encourages us but also makes us more conscious about our responsibility to produce excellence through sincerity and hard work.

BNI-Arganic BannerYour future plans for expansion?

It is beyond doubt that that we have moved on from the trap of chemical based cosmetics and ushered into the era of organic and natural herbal skin, body and hair care products. Our newest range of APS Cosmetofood and Arganic are the examples of our changing perceptions. In future we are going to expand our Cosmetofood range by including more exciting products.

We wish Mr. Himanshu and his team great success in future.


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