How to make a nail polish last longer

Nail Polish Last Longer Quick Tips

Keep your favorite shade on for longer

Wearing our favorite color on our nails always feels good. What if that shade you love so much lasted a little longer on your nails?

These simple and easy beauty tips will help keep your favorite nail polish stay for longer.

Make your nail polish last longer with these easy hacks

Soaking your nails in oil

Before applying nail polish soak your nails in your favorite beauty oil like Olive, Coconut or Almond. Let it stay for 15 mins and gently run extra oil with soft cotton cloth. This nourishes the nails and cuticles making them shinier and also nail polish stays on longer.

Moisturizing after washing hands or using sanitizer

Not only our hands but also our nails need hydration. Nail polish can never last long on dry nails. Also, high amounts of alcohol in sanitizers can dehydrate skin and nails, making polish chip faster. Ensure to apply moisturizer after sanitizing your hands.

Remove dirt and oil from nails before applying nail polish

Remove dirt and oil from nails before applying nail polish

Wiping nails with Vinegar or Nail polish remover

This is supposed to be done before applying nail polish. Wipe your nails with some vinegar or with nail polish remover to remove any dirt, product build up and oils accumulated on the nail bed. The nail polish stick better to the nails and also stays longer.

Stop soaking nails in water

Many people have a tendency to soak nails in water before applying nail polish to soften the cuticles. This can actually be bad for the nail polish as nails expand on soaking and then later when they shrink back to their normal size, nail polish might chip off.

Be patient and let it dry

Here comes the most difficult part after applying nail polish- the drying. Nail polish needs enough time to dry once applied so that it will set in place. Be patient and let it dry naturally.

Avoid applying think layer

This is the golden rule- multiple thin coats instead of one thick coat. Thick coats can smudge easily and take forever to dry. Apply one think coat, let dry and then apply the second one. You may do a third coat if required.

Follow these steps and voila, you are ready to flaunt and enjoy wearing your favorite nail polish shade for  a long time.




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