IBA halal care: India’s first halal cosmetic brand set for expansion across India


Iba Halal Care – India’s first halal cosmetics brand was launched in Ahmedabad with two exclusive company stores in Sept 2014. This was followed by opening of franchisee stores in Vadodara, Surat and Aurangabad this year. The brand is now set to expand across India through more franchisee outlets planned in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Lucknow among other cities.DSC_0362

Halal cosmetics are a new range of beauty and personal care products that are free of non-halal ingredients such as alcohol, pig fat and other animal derived ingredients, and harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens.

“India is home to world’s second largest Muslim population, yet there is no cosmetics brand in the market that caters adequately to the ethical needs of this large consumer segment. Iba Halal Care aims to fill this gap by making available a range of Halal certified products that are also vegan and cruelty-free to offer peace of mind to Muslims as well as vegetarians”, says Mauli Teli, CEO and Managing Partner at Ecotrail Personal Care, the company which has launched Iba Halal Care in the market.

Mauli Teli (L), Grishma Teli (R)

Halal is an Arabic word for ‘that which is lawful or permitted’. The concept of Halal is rooted in science and ensures that all products are free from impurities, are ethical, safe and effective.

Iba offers over 80 products for head to toe halal care – face creams, body lotions, hair oil, shampoos and conditioners, lipsticks, kajal, soaps, attars, men’s deos, exotic fragrances and more. Unlike ordinary personal care and cosmetic products each Iba product is certified halal as a proof of its quality standard and purity. Iba is unique since it is not only a halal certified range but is vegan and cruelty-free as well.


“Careful research and high quality standards have been maintained throughout development and manufacturing to ensure that our products have Halal integrity, are of world class quality and are safe and effective for daily use”, highlights Grishma Teli, VP of R&D and Managing Partner at Ecotrail Personal Care. “Source of every ingredient going into our products is thoroughly researched and confirmed to ensure that our products are 100% free of non-halal ingredients such as pig fat, other animal derived ingredients, alcohol as well as harsh chemicals”.DSC_0341

“What has found great acceptance across consumers in our retails stores and among online buyers across the country is the high quality standards and affordable prices at which Iba products are available – Rs. 40 – Rs. 300. This is indeed an advantage to a large segment of customers”, says Ali Hussain Momin, founder of Ummat Infomedia and a regular Iba customer.

Iba Halal Care products are also becoming available through shop-in-shop counters in local supermarkets. Mr. Nadeem Jafri, founder of Hearty Mart Supermarkets in Gujarat says “We have launched Iba products in our supermarket chain across Central & North Gujarat; given its high quality and affordable price range, Iba is finding acceptance in consumers and its own space amongst other cosmetics brands that are sold in our shops”.

In order to meet the demand and reach consumers in smaller towns where franchisee stores are not feasible, the company offers a “shop-in-shop” option. Currently the brand is available in 10-15 smaller towns across Gujarat such as Chhapi, Dholka, Sidhpur, Palanpur, etc. and also working to expanding rapidly in other states through counters at leading provision and general stores.

Company plans are underway to appoint franchisees in Bharuch, Mumbai, Delhi , Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Lucknow among other cities. Till then consumers across India can meet their need for halal cosmetics through online purchases from Amazon, Flipkart, PayTm & Nykaa.





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