Importance of barbering and its short courses


Why is this introduced in India and the importance of barbering and the short courses 

Indian School of Hairdressing & British Barbers Association Collaboration is a dimension to reach talented barbering professionals across India who aim to become landmarks on the global image and fashion scene. Each professional learns most up-to-date Barbering and most relevant men’s grooming techniques from London and spark creativity. In turn, industry professionals specifically will be armed with elite knowledge and an unparalleled passion for their craft.  One will acquire the technical skills necessary for a career in a barbershop or men’s salon

“The Practice and Science of Standard Barbering” plays a key role in this industry and with the help of our school and educator’s, we would introduce all the essential fundamentals and know-how of barbering. Hence, the reality of being trained by right educators where one can learn at the highest level with an important blend of modern male hairdressing and classic barbering, under one roof.

At the moment we’re experiencing unprecedented growth in the male grooming industry. The Barbering sector is here to provide competency ‐based knowledge, scientific/artistic principles and hands-on fundamentals associated with the industry. One can build their educational foundation and then apply their acquired skills in a simulated environment. Barbering is an excellent career choice for individuals who enjoy being their own boss. It’s time to challenge the barbershop status quo and give barbers another option.


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