In talks with Pragya Upadhyay and Renu Bisht of VanityCube

(L to R) Pragya Upadhyay and Renu Bisht, Co- Founders of VanityCube

(L to R) Pragya Upadhyay and Renu Bisht, Co- Founders of VanityCube

Pragya Upadhyay and Renu Bisht tell us how it all started and what it took to make VanityCube what it is today.

VanityCube delivers on-demand beauty  and wellness services at your doorstep. With their excellent services and affordable pricing VanityCube is enjoying immense popularity in the Delhi NCR region. And now they are testing waters in Mumbai; BNI got in talks with the founders Renu Bisht and Pragya Upadhyay to find out their take on beauty business.

“It is not just another beauty service app” informs Renu, “where you book an appointment, get services, like or do not like it and go on to try the next one. We think beauty is more personal hence standardization of quality and service delivery on time are our focus areas”. VanityCube is a One destination for all kinds of beauty services for all kinds of people right from women, men and kids.

The Indian beauty industry is haphazard and disorganized. A lot of thought process and planning went into raising the platform like VanityCube bringing together best technicians, services and pricing. The focus was on filling the gap working individuals face when trying to get basic beauty or hygiene treatments done given their hectic work schedules. Also, the problems faced by beauty technicians was taken into consideration. It was all about bridging the gap and making everybody happy.

About Vanity Cube

VanityCube is a Delhi-based on-demand beauty and wellness services company founded by Renu Bisht and Pragya Upadhyay last year. Vanitycube has recently started their services in Mumbai. Renu is a computer science graduate from JNTU, Hyderabad, and a MBA from Symbiosis, Pune, while Pragya is the alumnus of St. Xavier’s, Mumbai, and XIMR, Mumbai.

VanityCube specialises in delivering premium beauty services at your home or office with a fastest turnaround time of 90 minutes. The company has adopted an omni-channel approach to scale the business unlike its peers. The company started with its services in Delhi and NCR region and has recently entered Mumbai. Since its inception, VanityCube had served more than 5000+ customers of which 60% are repeat customers.

VanityCube state-of-the-art Beauty services at home

VanityCube state-of-the-art Beauty services at home

Why VanityCube?

Both of us, being working women, realised that finding time for beauty rituals in a regular day is impossible. We found that spending hours in a salon on the weekends was not making sense due to hassled service and long waiting hours for an appointment. Hence we started looking out for service providers who can provide similar services at home. We realised that we had a very few door to door service providers in the beauty space and the ones those were present were not professional enough. There is again the question of value for money, as you are not certain about the quality of service.

The initial challenges

“A lot of beauticians are not treated equally in the beauty market yet bringing our first employee on board and convincing her to our business model was the toughest task for us.”

They also struggled initially while convincing salon professionals to take-up freelance assignments.

“We needed to provide safety to all our girls and apart from the tech apps and systems that are built to protect them; we also take self-defence training for all our girls. Especially during the late evening orders we are constantly in touch with the beauticians as the tech also keeps us informed.”

Wedding Makeup by VanityCube

Wedding Makeup by VanityCube

USP of the brand

“We think beauty is more personal hence standardization of quality and service delivery on time are our focus areas. We take pride in providing good quality and flawless services to our customers. Our services are of premium quality, affordable, consistent and hygienic, and even our month on month customers agree to this. We are 1st ones to enter the market with last min delivery for customer booking,  as early as in 90 mins. “

“We want to empower our beauticians at VanityCube, we support them with flexible work timings, incentives and most of all look for their safety.”

Service and Brand Tie ups

VanityCube operates as a B2B & B2C service provider. While the B2C model caters only to the women and the B2B model includes tying up with the corporates, stands unisex. The company is focusing on tie-ups with corporates whereby they will be setting up a salon within their office premises to provide beauty services to employees.

“We generally do around 5-6 events a month with various corporates which is a B2B kind of engagement. We have tied up with Snapdeal and Oyowe. We now provide services at the Snapdeal Gurgaon office to all their 4500 employees.”

“We see a lot of women travelers who want on demand beauty services at their doorstep.  VanityCube has tied up with Oyowe hotels, so women staying at any of the Oyowe hotels can book an appointment with us, and VanityCube will solve their need for on demand beauty services. We also have tie ups with 10 + hotels in Gurgaon.”

Another need gap that VanityCube addresses is providing professional services for corporate off sites, pamper parties, festive parties etc. Presently, none of the on demand beauty service providers are focusing on this need gap.

“We had also tied up with Uber for #Uberrakhi where we provided express manicure services to women travelling by Uber.  Similarly we had tie ups with Jabong, HT media and Fabbag in the recent past.”

Future Plans and strategy

VanityCube provides beauty services at customer’s home and offices. Fastest turnaround time, well-trained professionals and convenience of customers make VanityCube unique.

“We want to grow faster into other cities, especially the tier II market and also want to introduce new services. We are aiming to grow vertically as well as horizontally.”





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