Indian School of Hairdressing launches INDIA tour with the British Barbers



Indian School of Hairdressing launches INDIA tour with the British Barbers from April 17th -21st  2017

Indian School of Hairdressing  in partnership with British Barbers Association, have put together an incredible week of barbering. . The very first barber’s collaboration is the one to watch out for and also aim to mentor and inspire the new league.

An exceptional platform for talent from across the country and to see the superstar barbers from BBA showcase their craft in our inaugural barbering association.

Presenting “An Evening with Extraordinary Gentlemen” where British Barbers CHRIS FOSTER and ERIK LANDER will  showcase a prestige night full of inspired MENS’  hair styles and latest fashion trends from UK.

 ISH & BBA Collaboration is a dimension to reach talented professionals who aim  to become landmarks on the global image and fashion scene . During the show, each professional learns latest barbering and most relevant men’s grooming techniques from UK and spark creativity. In turn, industry professionals specifically will be armed with elite knowledge and an unparalleled passion for their craft.  One will acquire the technical skills necessary for a career in a barbershop or men’s salon


1) Event Date  : 17th Apr 2017

Event Name   : An Evening of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Venue : St. Andrews Auditorium, Bandra West , Mumbai

Presenting a prestige night full of the latest styles and techniques from the UK’s finest barbers, Chris Foster and Erik Lander. The team will showcase inspired men’s grooming hair styles and fashion trends from the UK.


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