India’s first biggest international makeup workshop with 5 legendary artists


Knowing the basics of makeup is only part of it. Fully understanding colour theory, knowing how to push colours and why is another. A lot of makeup artists follow a formula and that won’t work on every face. It’s important to know the anatomy of the face, how light effects your choices and the full background of colours for global skin tones. When an artist analyzes the face, they must take into account many things : Eye shape, spacing, colour and position. Now if the eye is deep set that is an entirely different approach than a hooded eye or an eye that has lost volume due to age or weight loss. Examining the eye like a physician is the way to go! When there is a conscious effort to the makeup design, you can take the ordinary to extraordinary.

The event will start with the event creator, Erica Carr. Erica has been a hair and makeup artist for over 25 years focusing on the art of pleasing every bride, model, actor and celebrity. Her creation of beauty events came about 10 years ago with private hair training for makeup artists who needed to know more than ‘light’ hair for set work and weddings. One thing she realized during the technical training is that 9/10 artists had no clue how to actually run their business! She created a bridal business webinar that took off like a rocket. Artists from around the world started hanging on her every word as her reputation grew into something unmatched. Her obsession with posiitivity will shake you out of your seat! She will start off Masters of Art Mumbai with a surprise session focusing on marketing, branding, social media and most important, how to manage your money. When you charge too little, you undercut the market so she will share her secret formula that will guide you on how to price for you and your specific business. If you have a common business name and practice, how will you stand out from the rest? You will have a chance to discuss any business issues you are having after the hands on portion of the event, so come with questions in hand.

Our first technique educator is the classically trained Jessie Powers who knows skin better than anyone. From the lightest alabaster to the deepest ebony, she will show you how to colour match from the chest up so there is a seamless transition from different parts of the body. Showing how different formulations of foundations can give an entirely different result will open your eyes to new ways of approaching each client. Next Jessie will break down all the barriers when it comes to Colour correction and theory. Watch how she erases unwanted tones with a simple touch of the right corrector and then promotes the tones you really want to see. Pushing highlight and changing brow shapes with the stroke of a brush will surprise you. She will share all of her secrets so that you know what it takes to get booked in advertising and to please even the most discerning ‘non makeup wearing’ client. Her 16 years as a global educator for Make Up For Ever gave her a broad range of knowledge that encompasses not only skin, but the power to transform models into beautiful characters for stage.  One of the most approachable artists out there, she will boldly show you how to have restraint and when to go for it.

Bollywood darling, Namrata Soni has corned the market on bridal and celebrity work in India, so she is the perfect artist for this next segment. When you have high end clientele who need a discretionary eye for detail, Namrata is the ultimate source.  Having studied at the Delamar Academy in London her approach to style is simple. She focuses on choosing the right products to put in the right places to highlight a clients best features and natural beauty. She will share her amazing airbrush techniques in addition to how she got her extensive bridal clientele that keeps her in demand year after year. Specializing in prosthetic and casualty makeup, she might even show you a few of her SPFX tricks too! Namrata is always looking for her next intern and assistant, so be sure to pay attention to her approach as you never know who she will pick to work with next.

Our final educator on day one is the incredible Vintage Master, Chris Milone. Knowing eras is crucial and understanding the subtle changes as years and decades progress is something not to be ignored. Knowing references in film, television and music often pepper clients ideas of what they want to look like or at least the feeling they want to give.  Chris will show an incredible on screen series of photos from the 20s, 30’s and 40s and guide your eyes through time. Sharing original products used in the golden age of Hollywood, he will really give the attendee perspective on how product texture, application and placement were critical for film. Chris will also show how to modernize the application for your clients now so they don’t fall into the common trap of ‘costume’ when they are simply wanting a nod to the era. He comes prepared with costuming and wigs so you can see exactly what the actresses wore on set and in person in a casual setting. His vast knowledge will astound you and give you the advantage of knowing, ‘what vintage is this?’ and how to pull it off skillfully.

Day 2  begins with Roshar, the avant garde master. Growing up in small town Texas with nothing more than an imagination, Roshar began his fascination with light. At noon a rose would look different than it would as the sun goes down. He started to explore his creative outlook on things with the medium of makeup. Roshar will show you how to take a 3 dimensional face, make it 2 dimensional and bring it back to 3 with highlight and contour. Not the contour we see flooding social media, but a controlled way of lighting the face in just the right spots, bringing depth back to the anatomy of the face, so when the flash of the camera goes off, you see light and shadow the way it’s intended to be. He will have 3 different looks to share along with his minimalistic kit of products. His final product almost looks airbrushed even though it’s hand applied using simple techniques with a critical eye. Once the face is sculpted, Roshar often uses accessories to create a feeling of a completed look. Not just earrings or a necklace, but common pieces used in uncommon ways. Changing the head shape, body and so much more can come into play as he designs his looks carefully, always knowing the end result before starting. He teaches the attendee a new way to approach skin, when and where to accent with color and how to create a story of sorts so that when you see the finished model, when you gaze at the glory, you will have an overwhelming feeling. What that is, is up to you.  Costuming, wigs and fantasy always have a place in Roshar’s work , and he brings so much value to the table as an artist and he will show how you can too.

Our headliner for the incredible Masters of Art Mumbai series is the illustrious Alex Box.  Alex is an artist of Makeup as she likes to be called because she uses makeup to express her feelings, desires, hopes, dreams, fantasies, pain and history. Her approach to models is completely different than anything you have seen before. There is not a typical set up with lively tones and colors, primers and trends, but a workshop of tools and mediums to get the job done. You may see plastic, rubber, cement, cooking dough, needles, twine, spikes, ribbon, burlap, lace or other materials you have never thought of when thinking of makeup. Whether it be beauty, tragedy, love, future, pain or pleasure, Alex releases it in a performance unlike anything you have witnessed.

We start on stage with a brief interview and then the show really begins. The lights begin to dim and the music begins and in that moment you realize something unique, so special and unreal will be shown right before your eyes. A developing series of emotions flood your mind and your heart will swell and sing as her brush strokes paint her human canvas. You may cry, grin, laugh or even feel emotions not yet tapped, but in the end, you will be moved. Alex has a very special gift and it’s an honor to witness anything she creates.

Following the seminars and demonstrations will be a hands on skill practice session for those who chose to invest deeper into their beloved craft. All of those attendees will be invited to set up their own kits and prepare to use the techniques shared by the masters. Each educator will be on hand to help guide, inspire and encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and try new things to reach those levels of artistry you dream of. You may use a brush you’ve had in your kit in a whole new way or you might have an unopened product that has been fearfully ignored. All educators and support staff are there to guide and get you into a new level so that you can go out into the real world of beauty and exercise your new skills.

Each attendee will have up to 2 hours of skill practice and we make sure you fully understand and comprehend the techniques being shared with you. No matter what you are striving towards, you will have one on one attention, this is why we limit the number of hands on slots for this workshop.

After the final day of skill practice, wear something to impress as we have an after party you won’t want to miss. We have invited some of the most influential beauty pros, editors, photographers and magazine art directors to this networking event. It’s invite only so those attending the full event with hands on are able to mingle with those in power to offer advice, networking and possible jobs.

One thing that makes Erica Carr Global events differ from other classes is that the training doesn’t stop once the workshop is over. A special Alumni group for Masters of Art Mumbai attendees will be created. There, those who participated will be invited to join so they can have full support after they leave. Forgot something? Need more information to get your look down? Ask in the group and our masters will be there to help! This once in a lifetime event is something unlike anything you have been to.  Go online and register before it’s too late!


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