INNISFREE launches its Always New Auto Liner


An Auto liner that’s as good as new every day by automatically sharpening the pencil as you twist the cap. The sharp and sleek eyeliner helps draw exquisite and elaborate lines along the eyes. The strong waterproof effect maintains clear lines without smudges for a long time.

Always New Auto Liner has been upgraded with softer texture and richer color formation. More diverse brown colors enable optimal matching between the colors of your hair and pupils, and new multi-purpose colors can be utilized as lipstick, blusher, highlighter and concealer.

With a pointed, agile liner, you can express more precise and delicate makeup along the lines of your eyes and lips.

Soft texture enables the expression of deep and rich color in one drawing and allows makeup to last long without blurring.


[Price] Rs. 450 / 80ml 

 Available Shades in India:

  • No.4 Road with Chestnut
  • No.5 Starry Night
  • No.6 Full of Cherry Blossom
  • No.7 Full of Peach Flowers
  • No.10 Full of Aromas with Juniper Tree
  • No.11 Softy Sandy Beach
  • No.12 Crunching sounds with Peanut
  • No.14 Crisip soundes with Volcaninc road
  • No.16 Colored by flowers
  • No. 18 Road with dried roses

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