Innisfree Launches No Sebum Mineral Powder


This summer keep your skin fresh and bright with Innisfree’s No Sebum Mineral Powder, and its comes with oh so…. cute emoticon packaging!

With the onset of summer, Innisfree launches No Sebum Mineral Powder, created with natural minerals that keep your skin fresh and bright all day long.  What’s more fun is that the product comes with the fun packing of emoticon’s making it super adorable.

The No Sebum Mineral powder absorbs excessive sebum and oil that accumulates on ones skin due to sweat and retains moisture keeping skin non greasy.

Jeju natural mineral powder keeps the skin comfortable after makeup and keeps the skin’smoisture from evaporating to maintain beautiful skin all day.

No Sebum Mineral powder also comes with multi use;

 Base finishing powder: Apply on spots with excessive sebum after you finish applying your base makeup, and it will keep your skin looking soft and fresh all day long. It controls stickiness if you apply after sunblock.

Makeup fixer: Apply in the final step of makeup, and it will enhance makeup persistency. If you mix with loose powder, makeup persistency will be greater than when using only loose powder.

Fresh & bright skin: Mix No Sebum Powder and shimmering powder to create the effect of fresh and bright skin.

Oil control film: You can use as a substitute for oil control film when fixing makeup for fresh and beautiful skin.

Eye primer: Apply by patting lightly on your eye before eyeliner to maintain clean eye makeup free from smudges all day. Apply lightly before eye shadow to maintain clean eyes without creases until the afternoon.

Fixing hair: If you had no time to wash your hair or if your hair becomes greasy in the afternoon, apply lightly on your hair and dust off, and it will control greasy hair as if you have just washed it.



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