Innisfree reintroduces its iconic Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask


Innisfree, a Korean naturalism brand reintroduces its iconic Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, that intensively cares fot the pores with super volcanic cluster absorbing and thus removing sebum.

A natural ingredient that contains Jeju volcanic cluster formed from lava gushed from the volcano in Jeju Island twice as much as the regular one, therefore having much stronger sebum control-capability.

Super Volcanic Clay absorbs sebum with the help of volcanic cluster capsule in removing dead skin cell and as a result, purifies pores.

When volcanic cluster capsule bursts, it physically removes dead skin cell with AHA chemically exfoliating to leave the skin soft.

Cooling clay keeps the skin as well as pores refreshed. Clay Mask with powerful sebum absorptive ability and cooling effect, results in immediate tightening of the pores.

With 6 features – Pore tightening, Sebum control, Dead skin cell exfoliating, Deep cleansing, Skin complexion improvement and Cooling effect, the mask takes care of all possible pore-related problems.


  1. Clean the skin gently with the toner after the washing is done and then burst volcanic cluster capsules as you apply the mask thoroughly avoiding areas around eyes and mouth.
  2. Enjoy the feeling of the skin being refreshed and tightened for about 10 minutes.
  3. After 10 minutes, roll your fingers over the face in lukewarm water and remove sebum and dead skin cell between pores.

[Price] Rs. 1,100 / 100ml 


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