Introducing PLUSultra Gel Masque from Lotus Professional


Lotus Professional introduces PLUSultra Gel Masque

BNI-logo_lotus_herbalsIndia’s leading natural professional beauty care brand, Lotus Professional has introduced PLUSultra Gel Masque, a revolutionary range of gel masques that multiplies the results of facials. These masques act as the perfect supplement to facials, giving a visibly enhanced radiance to your skin. This innovative face masque opens the skin’s pores, increase the skin cells’ metabolic rate and promote the sweat gland secretion in order to increase the oxygen content in the skin. It also facilitates the excretion of dead epidermal cells, accumulated metabolic wastes and oily substances from the skin that clog the pores eventually causing early ageing.

Lotus Professional PLUSultra Gel Masque comes in four variants, each of which has an effective formula to cater to different needs like Firming, Clarifying, Brightening & Whitening. PLUSultra Gel Mocha Masque is a firming masque, which is loaded with anti-oxidants and rich nutrients that protect against free radicals and environmental damage that destroys healthy skin. The age-old belief in basil as a powerful cleansing agent becomes stronger with the clarifying PLUSultra Gel Basil Masque, which also acts as an antiseptic and a natural astringent. PLUSultra Gel Papaya is a glowing and brightening masque that helps clear stagnant melanin and balance moisture levels in order to give you an instant radiant glow. Packed with the goodness of cranberry, PLUSultra Gel Cranberry is a whitening and lightening masque that helps regulate skin discoloration, leaving you with a lighter and brighter complexion. These new age face masques can also be used as a part of facial treatments and are undoubtedly the perfect finishing touch to a regular facial.

Lotus Professional PLUSultra Gel Masques are available at select beauty salons and spas across the country.

PLUSultra is not just a masque, it’s a whole new beauty therapy!

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