Jaguar Satin Plus Scissor Range: for perfect hair cut everytime


Jaguar presents its super cool Satin Plus Range ~ For the perfectionist in you ~

BNI-Jaguar-Whiteline_SatinPlusE40 LRThe Jaguar Satin Plus range is part of it’s White Line Collection. It is unique for its classic design for a traditional feel during cutting. Satin Plus scissors come in wide range of functional scissors such as the Satin Plus E series which are thinning scissors. These have 40 thinning teeth with fine V–‐teeth serration for a pleasantly smooth feel and a precise cut. It offers an ergonomic handle position and relaxed working.

CUTTING LIFE: Long–‐lasting sharpness due to the use of forged high-quality steel and the ice–‐tempering process at ‐80 °C for solid hardness.

CUTTING ACTION: Precision blade form thanks to bending process and VARIO screw for easy, excellent cutting action. All you need to adjust the VARIO screw is a coin.

SHARPNESS: Classic blades with a flat cutting edge angle for very good sharpness. Well suited to slice cutting thanks to hollow grinding and honing.

The Jaguar Satin Plus Scissor Range is available for upwards of Rs.5,475/- and available through the regular distribution channel or Headstart International at

About Jaguar: Jaguar was first introduced as a brand name for hairdressing scissors in the late sixties, and a short time later, it became the company name. This name reflected specialization in producing hairdressing scissors and marked the starting point for Jaguar to become one of the leading manufacturers in the world. The Solingen–‐based company Zwilling J.A. Henckels, recognized worldwide, has been a strong partner since 1988. JAGUAR works intensively on innovations for hairdressing scissors. Jaguar also offers a high-grade range of brushes, and electrical appliances. And with the introduction of the THERMOCUT System, Jaguar TC in 2000, hair cutting has become a wellness treatment.


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